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Update on the green waste collection

Friday, 1 February 2013 3:00 PM

Council’s one-off kerbside green waste collection in the wake of last weekend’s severe weather event will help to get the city back to normal.

Residents who do not have the space in their domestic bins for the green waste that resulted from the wild weather can take the opportunity to use this service.

Here are some questions you may need answered about the collection:

What is the green waste collection?

A one-off kerbside collection of green waste only will be conducted across the Gold Coast starting Monday (4/2/13) following the impact of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald.

What type of rubbish can I leave out?
Green waste only and it should be:

  • limited to the size a single person can comfortably handle
  • include only small branches, twigs (no grass clippings or leaves)
  • be placed in bundles for easy pick up (not to be placed in boxes or plastic bags)

Do you want me to put the rubbish in bags/bins?
No, the green waste should be neatly stacked on the footpath. It should be manageable by one person. Anything other than green waste will be the owner’s/occupier’s responsibility to remove.

Who is doing the collection. Is it our usual garbage collection service?
Maintenance Services’ day labour staff and contractors. It is not your regular kerbside waste removal contractor.

Will the collection be done at the same time as our bin is usually collected?
No. The collection will take place from 4 February to 15 February, but, all green waste must be on the footpath by Monday, 4 February. If the waste is not out then and misses the collection, Council is unable to return to collect it.

Where do I leave the rubbish?
Green waste for pick up should be placed on the verge in the front of properties, ensuring footpaths are not blocked to pedestrians and vehicles.

What time is the collection going to be done?
Business hours 6.30am to 6pm.

What area will the pick up cover?
Only urban areas, that is those streets with kerbing.