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Advertising devices

The display of an advertising device within the city may require a licence. An advertising device must have the required approval prior to its exhibition, to ensure compliance and public safety.

Election signage: For information relating to the placement of election signage please refer to the summary of requirements for the placement of election signage.

Important: Should your advertising device (sign) be on or over a State-Controlled road, please refer to the City’s management of advertising devices on state controlled roads document prior to displaying the sign.

Is a licence required?

Sections 6 and 7 of Subordinate Local Law No. 16.8 (Advertising Devices) 2016 lists the types of advertisements that are exempt or require a licence

Find a link to Subordinate Local Law No. 16.8 (Advertisement) 2016 below.

How to apply

Complete an Advertising device licence/permit application online or download a copy to complete offline and submit at one of our customer service centres.

No fees are required for this licence application. Once approved, the licence will be valid until 31 August next, unless otherwise specified by the applicant or the City (or unless cancelled or suspended).

Please ensure the necessary documentation is attached to your application. Find useful resources to help you get your application started on the City of Gold Coast's Knowledge Network - Toolbox website. You can also call us on 07 5667 5987.

If you are taking over an existing business, you may wish to apply for a Health licence search to confirm there is a current licence and to ensure the current owner is complying with the requirements.

Find a link to forms related to an advertising device licence and a health search request form below.

Amendments to an advertising device licence

Minor changes to your licence, such as change of contact details, and more complex changes, such as changing the size or scale of your sign, can be requested by completing and submitting an 'Advertising device licence amendment application' form. Please ensure any supporting information is submitted with your application.

If you need any assistance with your application, call our Permits and Licensing team on 07 5667 5987.

Find a link to the Advertising device licence amendment application form below.

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