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Aircraft operations (helicopter landing/take-off)

Aircraft operations (e.g. helicopter landings/take-offs) must comply with the City Plan and local laws.

Application requirements (including forms and fees)


Application for Aircraft Operations Licence (PDF 27kb)


No fees are required for this application for businesses that operate from premises within the city. For more information about how the City of Gold Coast (City) is making it easier for business, please view our Nil Fees initiative.

For non-business applicants, please refer to the application form.


Site plan detailing aircraft operations, activities, flight path and location of any noise-sensitive place likely to be affected should be submitted with the application.


Not applicable.


Applicant must hold Broadform Public Liability Insurance to the value of at least $10 million. The Certificate of Currency must be submitted with the application.


Not applicable.


Not applicable.

How to submit an application

Applications can be submitted in person at the City offices or by mail.

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Application process

  1. The applicant is responsible for ensuring the application is complete - please refer to application requirements.
  2. The applicant submits the application - please refer to how to submit an application.
  3. The City will then process the application within legislative or agreed time frames. The City will contact the applicant should additional information be required to process the application.
  4. The City will forward the approval to the applicant.

Note: Only a properly made application will be accepted by the City.

Service level

Not applicable.

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