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City of Gold Coast provides a range of services and programs to support the development of one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.

Supplying City of Gold Coast


City of Gold Coast (City) undertakes substantial procurement of goods and services every year. This guide is designed to make current and potential suppliers aware of the processes undertaken to source goods and/or services, the documentation required and supplied, and the processes involved from sourcing to payment.

Supplier details

Interested in supplying goods or services to us? Provide your details using our online form.

'Buy local' procurement policy

In July 2014 Council resolved to strengthen its support for local businesses via its ‘buy local’ procurement policy


We have designated areas of contact for all procurement and payment enquiries.

For all contract and tender enquiries for the procurement of goods or services or for the carrying out of works, please contact:

Source to Contract
City of Gold Coast
PO Box 5042
Phone: 07 5581 7375 (goods), or
Phone: 07 5667 3925 (carrying out of works)

For all purchase order enquiries, please contact:

Procure to Pay - Purchasing Team Leader
City of Gold Coast
PO Box 5042
Phone: 07 5581 6275

For all accounts and invoice enquiries, please contact:

Accounts Payable Supervisor
City of Gold Coast
PO Box 5042
Phone: 07 5581 6340

To introduce your goods and/or services to the City, please contact:

City of Gold Coast
PO Box 5042


We use electronic tendering as the sole method of obtaining and submitting tenders. Responses to tenders are only accepted electronically via LG Tenderbox. For all tender opportunities please register free of charge at LG Tenderbox to receive via email all tendering opportunities at the time of publishing.

We do not conduct public tender openings. The electronic tender box system automatically closes off the tender at the close date/time to eliminate the upload of any late tenders.

Supplier complaints and/or compliments

All supplier complaints and/or compliments regarding a procurement process or outcome must be addressed directly to the Chief Procurement Officer as the first point of contact, to provide the opportunity for the procurement branch to deal with and resolve the complaint/compliment issue.

Chief Procurement Officer
City of Gold Coast
PO Box 5042

Right to information

In support of open governance, accountability and transparency, the City's preferred and default position is not to agree to confidentiality requests by suppliers in relation to supplier contractual terms and conditions. Exceptions to this requirement can be made by the Chief Procurement Officer where circumstances arise. The Chief Procurement Officer will supply information to suppliers who request feedback on their tender offers in terms of the following:

  • Communications to unsuccessful suppliers must be based on providing the unsuccessful suppliers with information as to where there were gaps in their offer so they can improve for the next tender.
  • The initial communications to an unsuccessful supplier must be through an unsuccessful letter. The letter puts the onus on the unsuccessful supplier to take action to seek further information, if they desire. The letter offers an opportunity for a debrief session.
  • Debriefs are best carried out in person, and will be specific to the supplier's submission and how to improve future submissions. No comparative information regarding other suppliers will be provided during a debrief session.
  • Information that has been made public via the approval process (i.e. Council Agenda item) may be made available to suppliers.
  • Any grievance/complaint from an unsuccessful supplier is to follow the supplier complaints process described above.

Related information

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  • I haven’t received a copy of my purchase order

    • Your contact details with Council may not be current. To check your details please contact Accounts Payable - Phone (07) 5581 6340, or Email:
    • For all other enquiries regarding receipt of purchase orders please contact Purchasing - Phone (07) 5581 6275, or Email
  • Why haven’t I been paid or why was my invoice returned to me?

    There are a number of reasons your invoice has not been paid:

    • You do not have a Council purchase order number.
    • You haven’t quoted the purchase order on your invoice, or
    • You haven’t quoted a contract reference number on your invoice.
    • Your purchase order has been completed and you haven’t received your new order number.
    • Your invoice is not compliant with the requirements of the Australian Tax Office.
    • Your company name does not match the ABN number on the invoice.
    • You have listed more than one purchase order number on your invoice.
  • I am a new supplier to Council. What do I need to do?

    If you are offered work for the first time with Council we will need to obtain some information from you to set you up in the system and enable Council to pay for your goods and/or services.

    You will be sent a New Supplier Information Form to complete. This needs to be completed and returned with:

    • Pre-printed bank deposit slip or similar from your bank to verify ownership of the account and clear linkage to your business.
    • A tax invoice with ABN number.
    • If your trading name is not registered with your ABN as shown on the Australian Business Register, and is different from your company name, a copy of your Business Name Registration Certificate from the Office of Fair Trading is required. You are able to check your details by visiting
  • Does Council prefer to use local suppliers?

    Please refer to the Competitive local business and industry section on the previous Procurement page.

  • What is Council's ABN?

    Gold Coast City Council's Australian Business Number is 84 858 548 460


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