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Gold Coast Chinatown

The much loved Chinatown Street Markets showcase the very best of Asian cuisine and culture.

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Gold Coast Chinatown

Chinese lanterns

Gold Coast Chinatown is an integral part of the revitalisation of Southport as an international CBD for the Gold Coast. It's a place for the Gold Coast to celebrate its diversity through culture, design, people and food, right in the heart of the CBD.

Events like Lunar New Year and the Chinatown Street Markets attract ongoing interest to the Chinatown area from Asian restaurants and retailers who want to establish themselves permanently in Southport.

2019 Chinatown Street Markets dates

Come and enjoy an authentic Asian food experience with your family and friends at the Chinatown Street Markets when Gold Coast Chinatown - in the heart of Gold Coast CBD - comes alive with Asian culture, children’s activities and entertainment. The Markets offer a blend of cuisines from across Asia, or why not try one of the many restaurants in Gold Coast Chinatown and enjoy the atmosphere.

The markets operate from 5pm to 9pm, centred on Davenport Street and Davison Lane, Southport.

  • 9 February – Lunar New Year celebration
  • 2 March - Chinatown Street Markets
  • 6 April – Chinatown Street Markets and Gold Coast Film Festival
  • 4 May - Chinatown Street Markets
  • 1 June – Chinatown Street Markets

We are reviewing the Chinatown events strategy, and we will provide further information shortly. Should you have any questions please contact the Gold Coast CBD Team.


Getting there

Ride your bike and receive a free bicycle maintenance check and park in one of the many bike racks.

Ride the G: Disembark at the Southport station, Nerang Street.

Public parking is available at the Athol Paterson, Mal Burke and Carey Park car parks.

Visit our City parking map for details.

Use our Eat Safe Gold Coast search tool to find nearby restaurants.

Young boy enjoying Chinatown street markets

Thai Food

Japanese Food

Taste your way through Asia with a selection of cuisine from Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea and more.

Food at the Chinatown street markets

China town music

China town dragon

Experience Asian culture with live music and entertainment.

Sister Cities

City of Gold Coast currently has thirteen Sister City and Partnership City Agreements.

The City, through the Mayor's Office, is working closely with our sister cities and partnership cities to inspire the cultural embellishments of Gold Coast Chinatown. A number of Chinese delegations have visited the City to assist with cultural design ideas for the gateways, street furniture, decorative lighting and public art.

The City has been working with Jining City, which donated a carved statue of the great Chinese philosopher Confucius. The Mayor officially accepted the statue on his recent visit to Jining City, which is the birth place of Confucius.

City of Gold Coast is working closely with other cities to design and donate the Paifang and other public art for the precinct.

Precinct Plan

The Gold Coast Chinatown Precinct Plan includes the streetscape design, retail and events strategies plus investment attraction activities and management.

Download and view the Gold Coast Chinatown Precinct Plan from the Chinatown precinct plans page.


For more information contact the Gold Coast CBD Team:

Phone: 1300 CBD TEAM (1300 223 832)

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