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International relations

City of Gold Coast is creating strong international connections to maximise economic development and cultural opportunities.

Inbound delegation visits

Inbound Delegations often include official visits from our Sister Cities, business and cultural delegations, as well as official government study tours. The Gold Coast has an established international reputation as a tourist destination therefore many delegations express an interest in briefings on tourism development, beach management and lifeguard services.

Increasingly, the Gold Coast is gaining international attention as a serious place to do business, as local companies become recognised for their world-class capabilities and multi-cultural workforce, all set in a stunningly beautiful natural environment and subtropical climate. As a result, increasing numbers of international delegations are actively pursuing relocation, investment and business opportunities on the Gold Coast.

Hosting International Delegations

The Office of the Mayor can assist in coordinating arrangements for international delegations prior to arrival, planning the visitor or delegation’s agenda, hosting delegations once they arrive on the Gold Coast and providing cultural and protocol information.

Should you wish to submit a request for Council of the City of Gold Coast (Council) to host an international delegation, please complete the International Inbound Delegation Visit Request Form and email to or fax to +61 7 5581 6054. Upon receipt of the form, the Office of the Mayor will assess the request and an officer will be in contact for further action.

Following the assessment and approval to proceed with an inbound delegation visit, the Inbound Delegation Visit Briefing Note and Checklist will be prepared by the Office of the Mayor and distributed to relevant parties as a shared document to implement.

If you require the Mayor to provide a letter to an international stakeholder, please complete the International Correspondence Request Form and email to or fax to +61 7 5581 6054 for review and further instruction.

Due to the large number of delegations hosted by Council, requests usually need to reach Council at least one month prior to the proposed date of the visit.

Recent delegation visits to the City

  • November 2016: Lifeguard Exchange from Kanagawa, Japan
  • November 2016: Vice Mayor of Chengdu, China delegation
  • October 2016: Subang Jaya Council, Malaysia delegation
  • Aug 2016: Delegation from Jining, China
  • July 2016: Visit by Consul-General of New Zealand
  • June 2016: Governor’s Association of Korea delegation
  • June 2016: Ambassador of Qatar visit
  • May 2016: Visit by Mayor of Beihai, China
  • April 2016: Delegation from Taiwan, ROC
  • April 2016: Student delegation from Er’Nan, China
  • March 2016: Gold Coast- Chengdu Public Art Design Competition winners visit
  • March 2016: Student delegation from Takasu, Japan
  • November 2015: Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly, Japan delegation
  • November 2015: Suseong-gu, South Korea delegation
  • November 2015: Visit by Mayor of Takasu, Japan
  • October 2015: Visit by Governor of Kanagawa, Japan
  • October 2015: Visit by Mayor of Wuhan, China
  • October 2015: Delegation from Zhuhai, China
  • August 2015: Delegation from Terengganu, Malaysia
  • March 2015: Student delegation from Takasu, Japan
  • March 2015: Governor’s Association of Korea delegation
  • February 2015: Qujing Municipal Government from Yunnan Province, China

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