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International relations

City of Gold Coast is creating strong international connections to maximise economic development and cultural opportunities.

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Sister city relationships and international partnerships

City of Gold Coast’s sister city relationships and international partnerships are a source of economic growth, provide cultural, educational and professional opportunities and boost our international profile. These relationships are opening our door to the world and creating real outcomes for Gold Coast residents and businesses.

Traditionally, sister city relationships focused on cultural and education exchanges. It is now recognised that these relationships also have the ability to stimulate economic growth, increase tourism and assist in establishing reliable business contacts which can create long-term benefits to the local community and partners abroad.

They also enable communities to exchange ideas, gain an international perspective and increase their understanding of global issues.

The City currently has nine active international partnerships, all of which have helped shape the Gold Coast as a city of global significance by fostering successful business and cultural ties. This is through initiatives that include two-way trade missions, hosting inbound delegations, and staff and student exchanges.

Beihai - Sister city

Beihai – Sister City

Beihai and the Gold Coast have been sister cities since 1997. Both are coastal, tourist cities and this has resulted in collaboration over the years in common areas of interest. Beihai has also been involved in inspiring the design of the Harmony Paifang and Harvest Paifang, two entry gates in Gold Coast Chinatown.

Dubai - Sister city

Dubai – Sister City

Dubai and the Gold Coast have been sister cities since 2001 and share similarities in economic success, year-round sunshine and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Fort Lauderdale - Sister city

Fort Lauderdale – Sister City

Fort Lauderdale is the Gold Coast’s longest sister city relationship, established in 1980. Over the years, the relationship has yielded opportunities for knowledge sharing in the marine industry and waterways management.

Noumea - Sister city

Noumea – Sister City

A growing city with a young population, diversifying economy, stunning beaches, and strong tourism focus, Noumea is quite similar to the Gold Coast, making us meaningful partners since 1992.

Tainan - Sister city

Tainan – Sister City

Gold Coast’s sister city relationship with the richly historical city of Tainan was formed in 1982. Tainan has a high-tech economy and a progressive green energy sector, yet preserves its significant cultural heritage.

Taipei - Sister city

Taipei – Sister City

Taipei and the Gold Coast have enjoyed a prosperous sister city relationship since 1982, with numerous active programs taking place annually from educational opportunities to sporting exchanges. These cooperative opportunities provide extensive benefits for Taipei and Gold Coast residents.

Takasu - Sister city

Takasu – Sister City

The relationship with Takasu was originally formed with Albert Shire. Since the amalgamation with Gold Coast City in 1995, the sister city relationship with Takasu has been honoured and maintained, yielding a number of meaningful and ongoing cultural and educational exchanges annually.

Zhuhai - Sister city

Zhuhai – Sister City

Zhuhai is one of only five Special Economic Zones in China which enjoy special economic policies and investment incentives. Zhuhai is a coastal city with a powerful economy and the completion of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge will make Zhuhai the only city in China connected to Hong Kong and Macau by land. The sister city relationship between Zhuhai and the Gold Coast was established in 2012 by current Mayor Tom Tate.

Kanagawa - Sister city

Kanagawa Prefecture – Friendship Agreement

Gold Coast and Kanagawa Prefecture entered into a Friendship Agreement in 1990 which encompasses the 13 municipalities along the Sagami Bay. Due to a significant beach culture in both regions, the relationship focuses on lifeguard education and knowledge exchange.

Wuhan – Friendship city


A Letter of Intent to establish a Friendly City Relationship with Wuhan was signed in 2015. Wuhan is known for its natural wonders and ancient Chinese history and is also recognised as the political, financial, cultural and educational centre of central China.

Chengdu – Friendship city


Chengdu is considered a prosperous Chinese city and one of the most important economic, transportation and communication centres in West China. Chengdu is also known for its Panda Breeding and Research Centre as well as spicy Sichuan cuisine including the Sichuan hotpot. A Letter of Intent to establish a Friendly City Relationship was signed in 2014.

Sanya - Friendship city


Sanya is located on Hainan Island and is known as ‘China’s Hawaii’ with sunshine all year round. The city is renowned for its tropical climate and has emerged as a popular tourist destination mainly serving domestic visitors and those from the East. A Letter of Intent to establish a Sister City Relationship with Sanya was signed in 2016.

Jining - Frindship and cooperation


Jining is a prefecture-level city situated in the southern part of the Shandong Province and an important birthplace of Chinese culture, including Confucius and Mencius. In 2014, Jining City donated a statue of Confucius to Gold Coast Chinatown and an Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation was signed between the two cities.

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