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International relations

City of Gold Coast is creating strong international connections to maximise economic development and cultural opportunities.

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Tainan is located on the south-western coast of Taiwan facing the Taiwan Strait. Tainan claims more Buddhist and Taoist temples than any other city in Taiwan. The city has moved on from its traditional manufacturing industries to become a high-tech industrial hub and is also playing an important role in auto parts, food processing, textiles and plastics.

  • Agreement with City of Gold Coast: Sister City, 1982.
  • Population: The population of Tainan is approximately 1.8 million people.
  • Language: The official language is Mandarin.
  • Location: Tainan is a coastal city with the Taiwan Strait to the west and surrounded by mountains.
  • Climate: Tainan has a subtropical climate however it also borders a tropical wet-dry sub-climate. It enjoys a mild and dry climate in the winter, December and January are particularly free of rain, and blue skies can last for weeks throughout the winter. The yearly average temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. June to October is the typhoon season in Taiwan, with most of the year’s rainfall experienced during May and June.
  • Distance from the Gold Coast: Approximately 12 hours by plane.
  • Local time: The local time of Tainan is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +8 which makes it only two hours behind the Gold Coast.

History of relationship

  • In 2012, Mayor Tom Tate led a trade mission to Tainan to honour the 30 year sister city anniversary.
  • In 2007, City of Gold Coast hosted a business delegation led by the Mayor of Tainan, Tain-tsair Hsu, as part of the Asia Pacific Cities Summit.
  • In 2006, City of Gold Coast hosted a business delegation led by the Mayor of Tainan to learn more about the possible exchanges that can occur between our two cities.
  • In 1999, City of Gold Coast hosted a delegation by the Mayor of Tainan, Mr George Chang, and Governor of Tainan, Mr Mark Chen.
  • A Sister City Agreement between City of Gold Coast and Tainan was officially signed in October 1982 by Mayor Keith Hunt.
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