Cavill Mall redevelopment

The City of Gold Coast completed redevelopment of Cavill Mall in December 2012.

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Cavill Mall redevelopment

City of Gold Coast completed redevelopment of Cavill Mall in December 2012.

The redevelopment was based on a revised master plan adopted by Council in October 2011.

The City completed the detailed design for the redevelopment works and the contractor began work on 1 March 2012.

The project reduced visual clutter throughout the mall, improved pedestrian flow and added to the rejuvenation of Surfers Paradise. It has renewed the appeal of Cavill Mall as a vibrant and modern environment.

Artist impressions

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Cavill Mall was previously upgraded in 1998. Stakeholders were consulted in late 2010 and in early 2011 it was agreed that it was time for the mall to be refreshed.

Geographically, the mall links Surfers Paradise's world famous beach and newly redeveloped foreshore to the east with the Boulevard shopping strip. On completion of Stage One of the Gold Coast Rapid Transit System, Surfers Paradise will be linked to Parkwood in the north and Broadbeach in the south.

The completion of the mall's redevelopment has added to the recent renewal of Surfers Paradise, which has included new residential and tourism developments as well as the new foreshore.

The redeveloped mall offers a multi-use public space that better connects people and regenerates interest in the well-known strip.

Design details

The City completed the detailed design process in line with the master plan intent which extends from The Esplanade to Orchid Avenue.

Research undertaken by Council found granite - contained within the original proposal - was not highly resilient to wear in areas of high pedestrian traffic and with a regular cleaning regime, like Cavill Mall. The cost was also comparatively expensive when compared to other surface treatments.

Council completed a value management exercise and  selected a high quality stencilled, coloured asphalt pavement rather than granite.

Other features of the mall redevelopment included:

  • retaining some Norfolk Pines and date palms, while Cook Pines were removed and replaced with new, advanced similar species
  • existing outdoor dining areas have been retained
  • a new contemporary designed shade structure was constructed over existing outdoor eating areas at the eastern end of the mall
  • removing the old stage and utilising a 'bump-in, bump-out' structure for future events, creating more pedestrian space
  • a new lighting system that has improved lighting levels throughout the mall
  • removal of existing artworks, terrace and garden edges to increase space in the mall.

Related information

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  • What is happening in Cavill Mall?

    Cavill Mall will undergo a major redevelopment which will improve pedestrian flow, remove old and dated furniture, and establish a consistent and modern style throughout the mall. The redevelopment includes new street furniture, contemporary lighting, a new stencilled and colour-coated surface and new mall awning structures. Steps and undulations throughout the mall will also be levelled out to meet Disability Discrimination Act 1992 requirements. The redevelopment is a major part of the revitalisation of Surfers Paradise and follows on from the urban renewal that has happened at the foreshore and neighbouring hotel and residential developments.

  • Why has the master plan changed?

    The City of Gold Coast amended the original master plan in light of the recent economic climate, scaling back the design and delivery of the mall redevelopment. The adopted master plan still significantly reinvigorates the mall and will also heighten interest in Surfers Paradise's hub.

  • When will work start?

    The City of Gold Coast-appointed contractor will take ownership of the Cavill Mall site on 1 March with work to start shortly after.

  • When will work finish?

    Subject to weather and site constraints, it is anticipated that the majority of works will be completed by November.

  • What works will happen first?

    All the essential services for the mall - gas, water, sewer, and electricity - run down the middle of the mall from the Esplanade to Orchid Avenue. The City of Gold Coast's (City) appointed contractor will replace and/or upgrade these service first. The City intends to appoint a contractor on 15 February at which time the company will have 10 working days to finalise the construction schedule through to completion for the project.

  • Why has the City of Gold Coast chosen to undertake works in the middle of the year?

    The City of Gold Coast (City) undertook consultation for the Cavill Mall redevelopment in 2010 and early 2011. During the consultation process, traders made it clear that the Christmas and summer school holidays were important trading periods. The City designed the construction schedule to avoid these key dates.

  • What hours of the day will construction work happen?

    Work will be undertaken 7am-6pm Monday to Saturday. However, at certain times during the construction schedule, the contractor may seek a special permit to undertake specific project components outside these hours to minimise impact to trade. Traders will be well-informed of the work schedule through various communication channels.

  • Will shops ever have to close?

    No. The contractor is required to provide adequate access to shop fronts during trading hours. In addition, the City of Gold Coast will erect directional signage for shoppers and visitors so the community know that despite the works, it is still 'business as usual' in Cavill Mall.

  • When was the last time the Mall underwent a redevelopment?

    Redevelopment of Cavill Mall was delivered in stages between 1997-2000.

  • What will happen to the 'Surfers Paradise' Chair and the water fountain?

    A focus of the master plan was removing the clutter within the mall to make it easier for visitors to walk around. Removing the clutter will also enable visitors to better see up the length of the mall, as well as the facades of restaurants and shops in the precinct.

  • Will the trees be removed?

    The vast majority of tress in the Mall will be retained. Pines and palms in very poor health will be replaced with  new advanced species of the same variety. One date palm will need to be transplanted during construction due to close proximity of the new services.

  • What will happen to the stage?

    The stage will be removed during the redevelopment. The stage causes bottlenecks for pedestrian movement because of the steps and bollards. Concerts and performances will still be catered for in the Mall: the City of Gold Coast is working with Surfers Paradise Alliance to introduce a 'bump-in, bump-out' stage, which will be positioned at various points around the new mall.

  • How will traders know where and when the works are being carried out?

    The communications team will provide traders with monthly electronic updates to make sure they are informed of the works schedule. To receive electronic updates, email your contact details to

    Surfers Paradise Alliance's monthly newsletter will also provide updates on forthcoming works while traders can contact the communications team on 1300 033 800 with any specific questions they may have.

    In addition, City of Gold Coast's Urban Precinct Coordinator has been appointed as the site supervisor during the construction period and will be available on site to address any issues.

    For further information contact:
    Urban Precinct Coordinator
    Phone: 07 5581 1709