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Delivering services and initiatives that promote a sense of personal safety, well-being and belonging within the community.

Active Families

Keeping your family healthy and happy is no easy job. With work and schools commitments, safety issues, urbanisation and stress, it is tough job to try and balance everything and keep everybody happy.

Fun things to do with the family

An active and healthy family is a happy family and working towards this should be an important goal for all parents.

The Active & Healthy Program is designed to get whole family active. The program provides activities young kids, teenagers, parents and even the grandparents can do together. Come along to an active & healthy activity and have some fun with us. A range of free and low cost family activities including fishing, rock climbing, family fitness fun, drumming, craft, surfing and parks alive and much more are an offer in parks all across the Gold Coast each weekend.

Resources for parents

Parenting is not an easy job. It is a constant learning process that is full of decisions to make, issues of discipline, education, social skills and relationships to consider.

Active pregnancy

Regular exercise during pregnancy can prepare your body for the rigours of labour and can help in keeping your energy levels up when caring for a newborn. There are some general cautions to be guided by though and always consult with your doctor or physiotherapist before beginning a new program.

The Active & Healthy Program has a number of activities that you will be able to participate in while pregnant and after the child is born. Activities such Original Stroller group, Pre Natal and Mums and Bubs Yoga and Swiss Ball workshops are all run by qualified exercise professionals who are trained in pre and post natal exercise prescription. The activities are a great way to meet other mums, exercise with your baby and get some healthy exercise too.

Active kids are healthy kids

Regular exercise helps kids control their weight and build strong bones. It protects their heart and it may benefit their mental health as well. Active children are healthier, stronger, do better in school, sleep better and generally grow up to be fit adults.

Tips for encouraging your kids to be active include keeping exercise fun, let them play, offer a variety of things to do and be a good role model. Allow your child to actually be a kid and have fun - encourage them to laugh, run, dance, skip, giggle and have fun whenever you can.

The Active and Healthy program offers a range of active and fun activities for kids of all ages and all ability levels. Kids with special needs are encouraged to join in too.

There are activities on offer after school, on weekends and through each school holiday period.

Refer to the links below for useful resources, including the range of kids' fitness activities and after school programs on offer at Gold Coast Parks.