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Active & Healthy program

The Active & Healthy Lifestyle Program is a great way to try a new fitness activity or sport, discover one of our great parks or sporting facilities and meet new people.

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Active & Healthy - Remedial

Being active is important for everyone, including those who experience chronic diseases or disabilities. Long-term conditions need not be a barrier to exercise. Professionals such as allied health and nursing staff can guide you through safe exercise programs teaching skills to maximise your health. A GP referral is often required before participation in classes so please chat to your doctor before you attend.

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See the list below for a description of the Remedial activities on offer. Click the button above and select 'Remedial' in the Category search field to find available dates and times for these activities.

Lungs in action

Maintain gains achieved in pulmonary and/or heart failure rehabilitation in this supportive group environment.

All instructors have completed a comprehensive training program through Lung Foundation Australia.

Please note: to begin a Lungs in Action class, a Lungs in Action referral is required. It is a prerequisite that participants have completed either pulmonary rehabilitation, or heart failure rehabilitation prior to the class.

Please call before attending your first class to discuss.

Stepping Out walking group

This community group is for individuals and families affected by stroke and other types of acquired brain injury. Everyone welcome to attend.

The program is run through the Community Rehabilitation Program to access exercise options regardless of walking skill levels.

Gold Coast Health Mindfulness for Mood Enhancement

The Mindfulness for Mood Enhancement (M4ME) program is a seven-week, group program designed to teach new skills in mindfulness.

Mindfulness can assist low mood or depression, anxiety or worry and improve ability to cope with stressful situations in life.

It includes deep breathing and heightened attention to physical and emotional sensations, with the goal of easing stress and pain.

Ozcare allied health group programs

Ozcare offers a range of services and programs to the community to promote healthy, active ageing.

Gold Coast Health Multiple Sclerosis fitness program

This exercise program is individually tailored to personal limitations.

Exercise clearance should be discussed with your General Practitioner or neurologist. An assessment is required.

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