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Active & Healthy program

The Active & Healthy Lifestyle Program is a great way to try a new fitness activity or sport, discover one of our great parks or sporting facilities and meet new people.

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Active & Healthy - Yoga

Learn basic yoga postures, healthy alignment of the spine, as well as strengthening the musculature supporting the body. Everyone welcome, regardless of fitness levels or yoga experience.

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See the list below for a description of the Yoga activities on offer. Click the button above and select 'Yoga' in the Category search field to find available dates and times for these activities.

Active & Healthy Yoga

Perfect for beginners, these classes combine gentle stretching, light isometric strength training, long holds and a slower pace. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, restored and renewed.

Active & Healthy core yoga

Core yoga is an energising class that consists of core strengthening exercises, classic standing postures, with a nice balance of stretching, breathing and a brief relaxation.

Community yoga

Enjoy these well-balanced and gentle classes in which movements are connected with breath with a strong focus on the mind-body connection. Classes are conducted by experienced yoga instructors and are appropriate for all ages and ability levels.

Salt yoga for surfers and boardriders

Dynamic group yoga classes designed specifically for all types of surfers and boardriders to improve balance, become more limber, relaxed and strong. Whether you’re just starting out or have been dominating for years, you’ll benefit from our classes.

Ageless wellbeing chair yoga

Stretch, breathe and relax with gentle activities to enhance breathing, posture, flexibility, balance and wellbeing. The class is ideal for seniors and those with chronic conditions.

Yoga for seniors

Improve strength, flexibility and mobility through poses specially adapted for seniors at any level of health and fitness.

Beginner warm and hot yoga

Ignite classes include asana (postures) and pranayama (breath) practised in a heated room to refresh your entire body, mind and spirit. The class is designed to improve overall wellness for those who love yoga and heat. Flow is a Vinyasa class practiced in a continuous format and held in a non-heated room.

Beach cleanse and community yoga morning

Spend your Sunday morning helping the environment and connecting with others in this community activity which includes a beach clean followed by a yoga class.

Yoga lifestyle and meditation workshops

These informative and relaxing seminars, delivered by Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, reveal how to cope better with stress and help improve physical and mental wellbeing. Each seminar introduces a range of practical yoga/meditation lifestyle techniques to help develop clarity and wisdom.

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