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Be a responsible pet owner

You are responsible for ensuring your pets are identified, healthy, safely contained and do not create a nuisance in the neighbourhood.

Animals and pets

City of Gold Coast's (City) Animal Management team works with Gold Coast residents to ensure animals are appropriately cared for and managed, to maintain the health and well-being of our community and our animals, and to protect our environment.

Pet registration

The City has regulations in place for registering dogs and for keeping most types of domestic animals.

If you keep animals on your property, they must be kept in accordance with the City's local laws. Animal owners are responsible for ensuring their pets are registered, healthy, safe and do not create a nuisance in the neighbourhood.

Lost your pet, or found a stray?

Visit our Lost and found animals page for useful information on how to find your lost pet, or what to do if you find a lost animal, plus details of City pounds, including opening hours.

Complaints about animals

Find out who to contact and what action to take for a variety of animal-related problems.

Use our online Report a problem form to lodge complaints about barking dogs, noise from other domestic animals, fence rushing, excess animals, or pest animals and birds.

Responsible pet ownership

Find out about the local laws and State government legislation surrounding pet ownership, including the penalties that apply for breaching these requirements.

We also have some useful tips on how to care for your pet and be a responsible pet owner.

Dog exercise areas

There are plenty of places around the Gold Coast where you can exercise your dog, both on- and off-leash.

Find out about City rules regarding exercising your dog and where you can take your dog for a good run off-leash.

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