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Cat & Dog Registration

Registration is compulsory for dogs and cats aged three months and over.

Breeding Cats and Dogs

Breeding Cats and Dogs

Local law requires residents who own an entire cat or dog, and breed, or intend to breed, to hold a breeder permit. The permit requirements are designed to encourage keepers of cats and dogs to consider their responsibilities. This ensures the current oversupply of cats and dogs, and euthanasia rates are kept to a minimum on the Gold Coast.

Breeder permits are required for residents who breed from their pet, those who breed as hobby breeders and those who have commercial breeding establishments.

If you breed or intend to breed your cat or dog, you are required to obtain a breeder permit from City of Gold Coast and comply with the Breeder Code of Practice.

Compliance with the Breeder Code of Practice demonstrates your commitment to the responsible care and management of cats and dogs within our city.

For further information, contact our Animal Management team on 07 5581 6664.