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Business Safety

Each year crime affects nearly half of Australian small businesses, with the average cost to each business adding up to $4700.

Exact costs are difficult to measure, however an Australian Institute of Crime survey estimated that the total direct and indirect losses due to crime in Australia was $170 million. This makes the risk of crime higher for small businesses than an average household.

Levels and types of crime vary, however the direct financial costs combined with indirect costs is likely to result in significant losses to your business.

Indirect losses include include forced closure, increase in insurance costs, and psychological impacts experienced by victims which may make it difficult for them to return to usual work duties.

You can help reduce the risk of crime to your business by being aware and using preventative strategies to tighten security and improve safety procedures.

Good workplace design can also assist in reducing opportunities for common crimes including burglary, robbery, stealing and fraud.

Refer to the Business Safety fact sheet for further information and tips on how to protect your business, and for business owners and operators in the cross border region, refer to the message from the Tweed Coolangatta Community Safety Action Committee, both listed below in the Related Information - Brochures & Fact Sheets.