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Supporting the community

City of Gold Coast has implemented a range of initiatives to support the voluntary sector across the city.

Community support

Safety Card Information

The City is committed to supporting the diverse community organisations that operate across the Gold Coast. City-driven initiatives include:

Around 2000 community organisations on the Gold Coast undertake great work at the grassroots level, covering areas from acute support services, to craft groups, community transport services and football clubs.

The City has implemented a range of initiatives to support the voluntary sector. It provides resources to support new groups and build the capacity of existing groups. Initiatives include:

  • an information kit for clubs and associations that explains how to form a new group or organisation
  • training kits covering the key areas of governance, leadership, accessing funding and strategic planning
  • an online community directory and printed guide so residents, visitors and organisations can find out about services and facilities in their local area.

Find the links to the online Gold Coast Community Directory and the Gold Coast Community Guide publication below.

Safety Information card

The City has developed a wallet-sized Safety Information card containing contact details of support services who may be of assistance in times of need.

Local donation opportunities

There are many local opportunities for donating money, goods and time.

Find the links to many local initiatives below.

World Kindness

On 21 August 2012, led by Mayor Tom Tate, the Councillors signed a declaration of support for World Kindness Australia. Councillor Glenn Tozer was appointed Council's Goodwill Ambassador for World Kindness. By signing the declaration, each Councillor has committed to supporting World Kindness Australia's endeavours to create a kinder society for our children to ultimately inherit.

Find the link to the World Kindness website and the World Kindness Signed Declaration below

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