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Be a responsible pet owner

You are responsible for ensuring your pets are identified, healthy, safely contained and do not create a nuisance in the neighbourhood.


Group of Dogs

There is no doubt dogs make wonderful companions and are highly valued as family pets.

The Gold Coast has over 55,000 registered dogs; a figure which indicates the popularity of dog ownership within our city.

Owning a dog carries the responsibility of ensuring your dog is not a nuisance or menace to your neighbours and the wider community. All dog owners must comply with a number of local law and environmental health requirements.

Fines are in place for those who disregard the regulations. Visit our Pet owners – local laws, breaches and fines page for more information.

Keep your dog's registration details up to date.

Use our online form to let us know about any changes to your dog's registration details.

Follow the link below and select Open New Form.

Submit online SmartForm

This form can be used for the following:

  • change of address
  • update contact details (phone number/email address)
  • pension concession request
  • cancel registration
  • advise that the animal is now desexed
  • update microchip number
  • animal association membership concession request

Registration of your dog is compulsory if they are aged three months and over, in accordance with the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008.

Application for dog registration can be completed and paid for online using our SmartForm, or by downloading a pdf version, completing the application offline, and submitting the application at a customer service centre or by post (payment details are listed on the form).
Find a link to the Dog registration application form (online and pdf version) below.

Need a replacement registration tag? Order one online by completing our SmartForm (select 'Open New Form') or download the form and take it to your nearest customer service centre.
Find a link to the Dog replacement registration tag application form below.

More information on registering your dog, including registration fees and eligibility for concessions, is available on our Registering dogs page.

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  • How must I take care of my dog under City of Gold Coast's local laws?

    • Register and microchip your dog from three (3) months old. Attach the registration tag to its collar.
    • Keep your dog under control and on a leash in public. The City of Gold Coast has 'leash-free' areas where your dog can be exercised, providing owners keep them under control.
    • Pick up after your dog when it defecates in a public area.
    • Keep your dog safely contained on your property.
    • Ensure your pet is not a nuisance. 

    Penalties apply for breaches of these requirements.

  • What happens if I don't follow these rules?

    • You may be liable for an on-the-spot fine or alternatively you may face a court imposed penalty.
    • Your dog may be impounded if it's found wandering or unleashed in a public place. Unidentified animals become the property of Animal Welfare League if not claimed within three days. Identified animals become the property of the Animal Welfare League if not claimed within five days.
  • Am I responsible if my dog attacks?

    • You may be liable for injury to a person or animal attacked by your dog, fined or ordered to fence your property.
    • City of Gold Coast may declare your dog to be a dangerous dog, or your dog may be destroyed.


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