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Cat & Dog Registration

Registration is compulsory for dogs and cats aged three months and over.


Group of Dogs

There is no doubt dogs make wonderful companions and are highly valued as family pets. The City of Gold Coast has over 55,000 registered dogs; a figure which indicates the popularity of dog ownership within our city.

Owning a dog carries the responsibility of ensuring your dog is not a nuisance or menace to your neighbours and the wider community and all dog owners must comply with a number of local law and environmental health requirements.

Register your pets and avoid being the Artful Dodger
If every owner of the 50,000 dogs and 10,000 cats on the Gold Coast was an artful dodger and did not register their pet – we would have no idea how many dog parks or off-leash areas we would need. Worse still, if you lost your pet, there would be no way of knowing how to reunite them with you.

Ensure your pet is safely contained and not a Neighbourhood Hobo
These are the dogs just cruising the streets of the Gold Coast - defecating, picking fights, hunting wildlife, wrecking gardens, stinking up the streets and making loud mating noises which keep everyone awake at night!

Ensure your pet is not a nuisance, known as the Berserker
Yap, yap, yap, charging at the fence, driving the neighbourhood crazy.

Scoop the poop
Don’t let your pet be the dreaded dumper: Imagine if every dog out there dumped on the pavement, beach or your front garden and their owner did not scoop the poop. Not nice on the shoes, thongs or between the toes!

Walk your dog on a leash and curb the Bounder
He’s the one off-leash being a pest, bounding everywhere, sniffing out mischief, scaring kids and seniors, knocking people over - he’s the master of mayhem.

Fines are in place for those who disregard the regulations.

Dogs are great walking companions and personal trainers. Get out and active with your pet today and you will both reap the rewards.

Key information

  • How must I take care of my dog under City of Gold Coast's local laws?

    • Register your dog after it is three (3) months old. Attach the registration tag to its collar.
    • Keep your dog under control and on a leash in public. The City of Gold Coast has 'leash-free' areas where your dog can be exercised, providing owners keep them under control.
    • Pick up after your dog when it defecates in a public area.
  • What happens if I don't follow these rules?

    • You may be liable for an on-the-spot fine of up to $375 or alternatively you may face a court imposed penalty of up to $3750.
    • Your dog may be impounded if it's found unleashed in a public place or on private property. Unidentified animals become the property of Animal Welfare League if not claimed within three days. Identified animals become the property of the Animal Welfare League if not claimed within five days.
  • Am I responsible if my dog attacks?

    • You may be liable for injury to a person or animal attacked by your dog and fined up to $3750 or ordered to fence your property.
    • City of Gold Coast may declare your dog to be a dangerous dog, or your dog may be destroyed.