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Delivering services and initiatives that promote a sense of personal safety, well-being and belonging within the community.

Environmental Health

Council provides important public and environmental health services to the community.

Environmental health professionals oversee a range of actions at the local, national and international levels. Each day Gold Coast environmental health officers plan, coordinate and implement strategies to minimise adverse environmental and health impacts within our city's borders, protecting residents and visitors. 

Some major issues are managed at a much broader level. For example, Gold Coast City is a member organisation within the Asia Pacific Alliance for Healthy Cities. These cities work cooperatively to protect and enhance the health and sustainability of highly urbanised communities.

The role of environmental health officers includes providing responses to health security issues and strengthening communities through environmental health planning.

Projects include a diversity of tasks including monitoring and responding to air, noise and water pollution and pest species outbreaks, risk and emergency management, delivering quality public health services and auditing local businesses to identify any health and environmental impacts. 

Field staff conduct assessments of:

  • restaurants and take away food outlets
  • local hotels and night clubs
  • tattooists, beauticians and body piercers
  • public swimming pools and spas
  • motor vehicle workshops, marinas, boat builders and surfboard manufacturers
  • accommodation buildings, events and entertainment parks.

With constant population and industry growth, the Gold Coast will require many more professionals to deliver on the future challenges of environmental protection and climate change, together with maintaining a healthy quality of life for an ageing population.

This work opportunity is with an organisation where you really can make a difference. Make a healthier choice for your career and sustain your future.

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