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Delivering services and initiatives that promote a sense of personal safety, well-being and belonging within the community.

Environmental Health Officers

The role of a Gold Coast City Environmental Health Officer (EHO) is to provide a professional service that will maximise environmental and public health within a community environment by identifying, preventing and remedying health and environmental related hazards and risks.


Bachelors Degree of Applied Science (Environmental Health) or other acceptable qualifications.


Process applications and conduct routine assessments, education and complaint investigation in the following areas:

  • environmentally relevant activities (industry)
  • food safety
  • helicopter landings
  • horse stables
  • mobile refuse container cleaners
  • personal appearance services
  • places of public amusement
  • public and other camping areas
  • rental accommodation
  • storage of flammable and combustible liquids
  • swimming pools
  • waste transporters
  • water (drinking) carriers

Conduct complaint investigation for the following issues:

  • air pollution
  • asbestos
  • fish kills
  • land pollution
  • mosquitoes
  • noise pollution
  • vermin
  • water pollution

Provide the following services:

  • food handlers training course
  • immunisation clinics for the general public
  • school immunisation campaigns

Powers of an authorised officer

Authorised officers have many powers under various state and local legislation. These powers are relevant to the investigation/legislation and may allow an officer to:

  • enter any premises or other place, make an inspection and take samples
  • stop, detain and search any vehicle
  • require a person to produce any licence, registration, permit, approval, certificate or other documentation
  • require a person to state their full name and address and ask for verification
  • question any person and require answers
  • seize and detain any articles or equipment
  • open containers and packages
  • take photographs, video, other images and audio
  • request assistance from a competent person
  • use such force that is reasonably necessary

Further information

For more information, please contact Council's Environmental Health branch on (07) 5581 6220.