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Help us clean up graffiti

Call our graffiti hotline on 07 5667 5974, email, complete our online form, or use the City of Gold Coast mobile app to report graffiti.


Graffiti is a crime of wilful damage under the Queensland Criminal Code Act (s469).

Graffiti is illegal, ugly and expensive to remove. City of Gold Coast is committed to removing and preventing graffiti in our city - but we need your help to do it.

Graffiti Prevention Education Program

Graffiti Prevention Education Program

The Graffiti Prevention Education Program is a curriculum aligned resource which aims to educate young people about the personal, community and environmental consequences of graffiti.

The program features 14 ready-to-use lesson plans and activities for students from Foundation to Year 12. It is available on our Graffiti prevention education program page and on Queensland State Schools' ‘Learning Place’.

Graffiti prevention video

Find the link to the transcript for the 'Graffiti Prevention' video below.

Report graffiti

You can now report graffiti and other issues on the Gold Coast through City of Gold Coast's mobile app. Simply search for 'City of Gold Coast' in your mobile app store and download it today. Once it's on your mobile device, open a report, take a photo and submit it. It's that easy.

The City of Gold Coast app has been designed for reporting non-emergency issues. During a disaster event please use City of Gold Coast's Disaster Hotline, the State Emergency Service (SES) and 000 for life threatening emergencies.

City of Gold Coast strives to review and action all items as quickly as possible.

Visit our mobile app page for more information.

To report graffiti in your neighbourhood, you can also complete our online 'Report a problem' form below, call the Graffiti Hotline on 07 5667 5974 or email

Report a problem online

Use this online form to report your issue to City of Gold Coast.

Help us stay on top of graffiti vandalism

Graffiti is a crime that affects us all. It can lower property values, make people feel unsafe, reduce business patronage and encourage other types of crime.

Most graffiti occurs on exposed walls and fences and is usually in the form of messages in letters or images, written in spray paint, permanent marker or even etched into the surface with a sharp instrument. Graffiti vandals have no respect for private or community property and no regard for the negative impacts of their actions.

Their aim is to impress their peers and strengthen their reputations, by putting their graffiti tags in as many places as possible.

Graffiti that is left intact attracts more graffiti and the longer it remains, the greater the gratification for perpetrators. It also suggests that the community does not care or is unable to deal with the problem.

Keeping business premises graffiti free helps to reinforce a professional image with customers, while keeping our neighbourhoods graffiti free reinforces pride in our city and helps to maintain feelings of safety and well-being.

You can help us to stay on top of graffiti vandalism by taking measures to prevent it, and if it does occur, by making sure it is cleaned as quickly as possible.

City of Gold Coast supports a range of programs aimed at preventing graffiti - such as encouraging property owners to be more aware, working with retailers of paint products and working with police and other government agencies on crime prevention and education.


To report graffiti on City of Gold Coast, Energex or other private properties, complete our online Report a problem form,  use our mobile app, call our Graffiti Hotline on 07 5667 5974 or email .

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