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Gold Coast cemeteries

City of Gold Coast owns and operates eight cemeteries across the city, offering pleasant and cost-effective burial and ashes sites.

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Memorial plaques

Southport Lawn cemetery bird bath

A variety of bronze and stainless steel plaques are available through the City of Gold Coast (see samples following) for burial and ashes memorial sites. Contact Cemeteries Administration for assistance in viewing the range of memorial plaques available. Included in the base price of a memorial plaque is installation on a concrete base with the exception of the infants area at Southport Lawn Cemetery. Alternatively, plaques in lawn burial sections can be installed onto a granite base at an additional cost. Several colours are available.

The City may grant a request to install a memorial tablet in a lawn cemetery if the memorial tablet complies with the prescribed standards outlined in the City's Local Law No.13 (Cemeteries). The relevant application form (see below) should be completed and forwarded to the City for approval together with the relevant fee.

A variety of bronze plaques are available through the City:

To view our display of plaques contact the Cemeteries Administration staff:

Phone: 07 5581 6640
Fax: 07 5581 6005

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