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microdot technology

Microdot technology is an easy and modern way of marking private property to deter theft and to assist Police in identifying ownership of lost or stolen property.

Microdots are immersed in a clear water based adhesive that contains ultra violet trace elements to assist Police in microdot detection. The microdots are applied to property using an aerosol can or cotton bud.

Each microdot (about the size of a grain of sand) is laser etched with a unique identifying number which is invisible to the naked eye. The unique number is then registered with the Queensland Police Service.

The Queensland Police Service is equipped with ultra violet detection equipment to detect microdots, increasing the chances of returning stolen or lost property to owners and assisting with the prosecution of property offenders.

Electrical appliances, CD's, jewellery, hand tools, bicycles, marine, and car equipment can all be marked with microdot technology.

Microdot Kits also contain door and window stickers that warn offenders property is marked for Police identification.

The residential and business community can purchase microdot technology from any Police Citizen's Youth Club (PCYC) located at the following locations. Phone the PCYC beforehand to ensure products are in stock.

Contact details

Gold Coast PCYC
180 Monaco Street, Broadbeach Waters
Phone: (07) 5538 5201

Nerang PCYC
Cayuga Street, Nerang
Phone: (07) 5578 2227

Ashmore PCYC
Dominions Road, Ashmore
Phone: (07) 5539 5774