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Upper Coomera Centre

A community hub for Upper Coomera providing recreation, learning, sports and leisure opportunities for local residents.

Upper Coomera Centre

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Construction of the $22 million Upper Coomera Centre is now complete and the centre is operational. Opened in late April 2013, the development includes a community and youth centre, library, customer service centre, Councillor's office, aquatic centre and café.

The Community and Youth Centre

The new Community and Youth Centre is an exciting space with a large main hall with a stage which is also dividable, meeting and activity rooms, arts workshop, computer room and youth space with recording studio. This long-awaited venue is set to meet the needs and aspirations of the community by providing a range of spaces for activities, services and events to take place. Centrally located with 170 parking spaces and co-located with other City of Gold Coast (City) facilities, it is anticipated that the Upper Coomera Centre will become a central meeting point for the whole of the community.

The importance of the centre was recognised by the Australian Government's Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, which contributed $2 million towards the facility as part of the Regional Development Fund Australia.

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The Upper Coomera Centre will provide recreation, learning, sports and leisure opportunities for local residents in the growing Upper Coomera area.

Co-located with other businesses and residential areas, these services will create a hub that promotes social unity and civic pride.

The development will become a place where community members can socialise, have fun and share ideas. It will be a main hub for life in Upper Coomera.

Developing better public spaces reinforces community character and makes it a more attractive environment for people to gather and interact.

Youth Service

Young people aged between 12 and 17 years can access various services and get involved in the regular programs that are facilitated by the youth service provider Wesley Mission. Wesley Mission provides the youth program on behalf of the City of Gold Coast. Wesley Mission can be contacted as follows:

Phone: 0408 734 061

Background information

In December 2008, the City purchased the site for the purpose of a community hub. The site was previously used as a truck set down and servicing depot, as well as being used by bus companies between 1980 and 2002.

Community consultation for the Upper Coomera Centre was undertaken between April and November 2009. In the City's report Northern Growth Corridor Infrastructure Plan 2021, the northern corridor was identified as one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. Upper Coomera was identified as one of the focal points of growth in the wider corridor. The rapid growth has included medium to high density residential housing with little social infrastructure, commercial development, health facilities and recreational areas.

Whilst some of these areas are being addressed, there is a need to improve community facilities and services in line with population growth. The Upper Coomera Centre will help fill the gap of community services in the fast growing area.

Contact details

Customer Service Office

A Customer Service Office is based on site and is open Monday to Friday from 8.15am to 4.30pm, and closed from 12 noon to 1pm. To contact the City, please call 1300 GOLDCOAST (1300 465 326).


An exciting new facility with a full range of services and collections. Check the library website for more details including opening hours.

Please call 07 5582 9300 for enquiries.

Aquatic Centre

The aquatic centre is open from 7am to 5pm seven days per week. It features a 25 metre heated pool with beach entry for casual lap swimming and aqua play, and a children's play area with sprays and other features.

Please call 07 5582 9317 for enquiries.

Councillor's Office

The Divisional Councillor is based on site. To make an appointment to meet with Cr Donna Gates, please call 07 5581 6301.

Community and Youth Centre

This centre is managed by the City. The City is responsible for taking bookings. Enquiries can be made as follows:

Phone: 07 5581 7227

The booking office is contactable between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.

When making booking enquiries please indicate the venue, type of event and proposed date.