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Upper Coomera Centre

A community hub for Upper Coomera providing recreation, learning, sports and leisure opportunities for local residents.

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Upper Coomera Centre background information

In December 2008, City of Gold Coast purchased the site for the purpose of a community hub. The site was previously used as a truck set down and servicing depot, as well as being used by bus companies between 1980 and 2002.

Community consultation for the Upper Coomera Centre was undertaken between April and November 2009. In the City's report Northern Growth Corridor Infrastructure Plan 2021, the northern corridor was identified as one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. Upper Coomera was identified as one of the focal points of growth in the wider corridor. The rapid growth has included medium to high density residential housing with little social infrastructure, commercial development, health facilities and recreational areas.

Whilst some of these areas are being addressed, there is a need to improve community facilities and services in line with population growth. The Upper Coomera Centre will help fill the gap of community services in the fast growing area.

The Centre will provide social, recreational, educational, cultural and leisure opportunities for local residents in the growing Upper Coomera area.

Co-located with other businesses and residential areas, these services will create a hub that promotes social unity and civic pride.

The development will become a place where community members can socialise, have fun and share ideas. It will be a main hub for life in Upper Coomera.

Developing better public spaces reinforces community character and makes it a more attractive environment for people to gather and interact.

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