City of Gold Coast offers the following payment methods: online payments, direct debit, pay by phone, BPAY®, mail and in person.

Please note: Payments by credit card will incur a surcharge of 0.60 per cent.

Assistance with accessing the information below can be provided through the National Relay Service or the National Translating and Interpreting Service.

Online payments

Online notices and account balance information

Find out how to register to receive your rate notices and water bills online. Use our online form to view your rates and water account balances.

Online licence renewal acknowledgements

Licence acknowledgements

Instructions for online payments

  1. Click on the relevant link above and a new window will open with a secure connection to the City of Gold Coast's Internet payment provider.
  2. Enter your Notice Number (located on the front of your rate notice, water bill, business partner notice, infringement notice or licence renewal.).
  3. Follow the online instructions.

Direct debit (rates and water payments only)

Use this option to pay rates notices and water accounts by direct debit from your bank, credit union or building society using your cheque or savings account.

The online direct debit form is the preferred method of applying for or amending a direct debit as it is more convenient than lodging an application over the counter or by mail. If for some reason you are unable to access the online direct debit form, a PDF option is available below.

Request a direct debit

Complete and submit the online Direct Debit Request form to apply for a direct debit facility. You will need to select one of the following direct debit payment options:

  • Due date - pay the full amount on the due date. Your rate notice and/or water bill will state how much will be withdrawn from your bank, credit union or building society on the due date of the notice.
  • Periodic payments - you can choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments and will need to state the amount, date and frequency of the payments you prefer on this form.

Before completing the Direct Debit Request please ensure:

  • You know your notice number and you are the property owner or authorised representative
  • The direct debit transactions are available from your account (check with your financial institution)
  • You have selected a suitable direct debit date that your bank account will have sufficient funds

Please note: credit card accounts are not accepted.

Request changes to your existing direct debit

Complete and submit the online Direct Debit Change Request form if you wish to cancel your direct debit agreement or  amend the frequency and/or the amount of the payments being debited from your bank account.

*To change your bank details, you will need to complete a new direct debit request.

Find the links to the PDF versions of the Direct Debit Request and the Direct Debit Change Request below.

Find the Direct Debit Service Agreement below.

Pay by phone

  • Rates, water, dog registrations, licence renewals and business partner accounts
    Call City of Gold Coast on 1300 886 731 (from outside Australia call +61 7 5667 5995) any time to pay with MasterCard or Visa.
    Reference Number: use the Notice Number.
  • Planning application (SmartForms only)
    Call City of Gold Coast on 1300 793 710 any time to pay with MasterCard or Visa.
    Reference number: use the Notice Number.
  • Infringement notices
    Call City of Gold Coast on 1300 886 841 any time to pay with MasterCard or Visa.
    Reference Number: use the Notice Number.
  • Licence acknowledgements
    Call City of Gold Coast on 1300 886 837 and proceed as instructed.

Pay using BPAY® - Telephone and Internet banking

Bpay Logo

Contact your bank or financial institution to make payment from your cheque, savings, debit or transaction account. For more information, visit

BPAY® and BPAY View® are registered trademarks of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

Type of bill BPAY® biller code Reference number
Rates         85639 Notice number (nine-digit number, beginning with a “2”).
Water         868745 Notice number (nine-digit number, beginning with an “8”).
Business partner accounts         696963 Notice number
Dog registrations, licence renewals         696948 Notice number
Infringement notices         696930 Notice number
Planning applications (online application only)         474585 Notice number
Other City payments (online payment request)         474684 Notice number

Pay by mail

Rate and water notices, dog registration, licence renewals, business partner accounts

Simply enclose the payment advice and your cheque, money order or bank draft (in Australian currency) made payable to Gold Coast City Council in an envelope and forward to City of Gold Coast in the Reply Paid envelope provided or by addressing it to: City of Gold Coast, Locked Bag 1611, GPO Brisbane QLD 4001.

Planning applications and infringements

Please forward the planning application or infringement notice and your cheque, money order or bank draft (in Australian currency) made payable to Gold Coast City Council, to City of Gold Coast, PO Box 5042, Gold Coast Mail Centre QLD 9729.

Pay in person

  • City of Gold Coast administration centres and branch offices: Payments of all notices, infringements and applications can be made with cash, cheque, debit card, MasterCard or Visa.
  • Elanora and Runaway Bay branch libraries, and Surfers Paradise administration centre, have installed self-service payment kiosks where you can pay your rates and water notices using a touch screen device known as 'Albert', provided by the Commonwealth Bank.
    Scan your printed notice, or key in the nine digit notice number, enter the payment amount and follow the prompts. Payment can be made with debit card or credit card. A printed receipt will be available to confirm your payment. Note this is a trial service, which will end in July 2016.
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia: Pay your rate or water notice or dog registration at any branch. Payment can be made using cash, cheque or money order.
  • Australia Post: Pay your rate or water notice or dog registration at any Australia Post Office. Please present the entire notice when making payment. Payment can be made using cash or cheque only.

Further information

For further information, please contact City of Gold Coast:

  • Infringements/parking - 07 5667 5989
  • Infringements/all other - 07 5582 8211
  • Dog licences - 07 5667 5987
  • Planning applications - 07 5582 8866
  • Business partners - 07 5581 6049 or 07 5581 6102
  • Searches - 07 5667 5995 or 1300 366 659
  • Filming permits - 07 5667 5987
  • Park bookings - 07 5667 5972

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