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Rates and water bills

Rates contributions help us to provide a vast range of services, activities and facilities that make the Gold Coast the best place to live and visit.

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About your water bill

City of Gold Coast is responsible for delivering water and sewerage services on the Gold Coast.

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For tips on how to read your water bill,
visit our interactive bill explanation page.

Although the City is the water service provider, Seqwater owns the bulk water supply, including Hinze Dam and the desalination plant. The City buys the water that you use through your meter from Seqwater and the price paid is reflected in your water bill together with the price set by Council to have the water delivered to your property.

Your City of Gold Coast water notice is issued quarterly, usually in July, October, January and April. Quarterly notices will help you to monitor your water usage and assist with earlier detection of abnormal usage caused by a concealed leak.

You have 30 days from the date of your notice to pay your water account or enter into a payment arrangement where you can pay by making regular instalments.

If you're a residential customer, the charges that will appear on your water notice include:

Water access charge

This is a fixed amount, payable for your property having access to the City’s water distribution system, regardless of whether or not water is being used at the property. This charge represents a contribution to the ongoing maintenance of water supply infrastructure, i.e. water mains, reservoirs, pump stations, etc.

Water usage charge

This is a variable amount, dependent upon how much water you use, as measured by your water meter.

The prices that you pay for water and sewerage are made up of two major components:

  • distribution, retail water and sewerage charges - set by local council water businesses and
  • bulk water charges - the wholesale price that Seqwater charges local council water businesses, which is then passed directly through to customers. This is referred to as the State Bulk Water charge.

The charge is split into two parts to show the break-up between the actual cost of the water used (i.e. Seqwater’s Bulk Water price) and the cost to deliver the water used (i.e. the Local Government Distribution and Retail price).

Note: The City reads your water meter every three months. If access to read your meter was restricted at the time, your water use will be estimated and this will be stated in your water notice.

Sewerage access charge

The is a fixed amount, payable for your property having access to the City’s sewerage transportation and treatment system, regardless of whether or not sewage is being discharged from your property. The charge represents a contribution to the ongoing maintenance of sewerage supply infrastructure, i.e. sewerage mains, treatment plants, pump stations, etc.

Note: A separate sewerage usage charge does not apply.

Non-drinking water usage charge

This is a charge applicable to some Pimpama-Coomera customers only for recycled water consumption as measured by your purple recycled water meter. It is charged per kilolitre (1000 litres).

If access to your water meter is not available when your water meter is due to be read, water consumption may be estimated for this charge, based on previous use. This will be indicated on your bill.

Tenants in rental properties

Tenants are billed through the managing agent or landlord for the water and sewerage account. If you move from your rental property you do not need to advise the City. The bill will be directed to the residential customer by the managing agent.

Tenants living on the Gold Coast will no longer receive consumption information in the form of a Water Advice to Tenant. The bill for the property's water use will be sent to the property owner.

If you have your own water meter, a property owner can ask you as a tenant to pay for water consumption. Visit the Residential Tenancies Authority website for more information.

The City has now finalised the 2018-19 budget. Gold Coast Water can report there will be no increase on the retail and distribution component of the City water and sewerage charges from the last financial year. The State Government bulk water price will increase inline with the price path recommended by the Queensland Competition Authority. The bulk water price paid by the City will increase from $2817 per megalitre to $2915 per megalitre. The bulk water price is passed directly to customers, as a per kilolitre usage charge, and as a result there will be a 3.5 per cent increase - from $2.81 per kilolitre to $2.91 per kilolitre.

For further details and a breakdown of the pricing, refer to the Water and sewerage pricing fact sheet below.

Should you require any further information regarding the Seqwater bulk water price review it can be accessed via the link below.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about your water bill below.

For more information on your water usage charges or how your water bill is calculated, please contact us on
07 5667 5995 or 1300 000 928.

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  • Is there a payment arrangement available if I am having difficulty paying my water and sewerage account?

    If you are unable to pay your account in full and on time, you may be eligible to pay it off through weekly or fortnightly instalments. Submit your request using our online enquiry form.

  • I bought this property but did not own it for the entire rating and/or water consumption period. Why do I have to pay?

    Please check your settlement statement to confirm whether a rate and/or water adjustment was done or contact your solicitor and/or agent for confirmation.

  • How do I notify the City of my authorisation for another party to act on my behalf with regards to my rates and water bills?

    Note: Notifications will only be accepted from the registered owner of the property or in the case of a trust or a company, an authorised person of that trust or company.

    Property(s) held in the name of individual person(s): In writing, either by email to, or by post to City of Gold Coast, PO Box 5042 GCMC BUNDALL QLD 9726.

    Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 366 659 or +61 7 5667 5995. Please quote the rates or water and sewerage notice reference number, property address and current postal address.

    Property(s) held in the name of a trust or in a company name: In writing, either on company letterhead, or via company email to Please quote the rates or water and sewerage notice reference number, property address, current postal address and position title (e.g. Director).

  • What do I need to do to apply for pension concessions?

    To enquire about your eligibility for pensioner rate concessions, please call us on 07 5667 5995 or 1300 366 659 as you may be able to apply over the phone.

    Alternatively, you can complete an application form at your nearest City of Gold Coast customer service centre. Please bring your current Queensland Pensioner Concession card or Queensland Veterans' Affairs card.

    If you have recently moved to a new address within the City, you will also need to re-apply for pensioner rate concessions on your new property.

  • I have a water leak. How do I apply for a rebate with City of Gold Coast?

    City of Gold Coast requires customers to complete and submit a Water and Sewerage Leakage Relief Application form with the required, supporting documentation. Visit our Water leaks page for information on eligibility.