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Council of the City of Gold Coast

We provide a vast range of services, activities and facilities to make the Gold Coast the best place to live and visit.

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Annual Report

Annual Report 2017-18

Our theme for this year’s annual report is 'Our Sporting Lifestyle', reflecting the city’s love of sport, support for our local teams and hosting the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) in April 2018.

This world class event was the largest international sporting event in Australia for a decade. GC2018 is expected to deliver a lasting legacy for the Gold Coast, providing a catalyst for future city growth and development, as well as building on the city’s reputation as an international sport and recreation destination.  

About this report

The Annual Report provides an overview of the City of Gold Coast's activities during the financial year, progress towards achieving the City Vision ‘Inspired by Lifestyle. Driven by Opportunity’ and the City’s Corporate Plan Gold Coast 2022. It includes the City’s financial performance as at 30 June 2018, governance and statutory information.

This report also provides the disclosure requirements relating to the Queensland Local Government Act 2009 (The Act) and the Queensland Local Government Regulations 2012 (The Regulations).

The structure of the report is:

Chapter 1 - Our city
provides a profile of the Gold Coast, the City’s performance against Gold Coast 2022, reports by the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer, profiles of City Councillors, our major events and the City’s awards for 2017-18.

Chapter 2 - Our achievements
presents some of the City’s major achievements under three themes of the Corporate Plan - Gold Coast 2022: Place, Prosperity and People.

Chapter 3 - Governance
describes the City’s democratic and corporate governance arrangements and presents information relating to the City’s commercialised business units.

Chapter 4 - Finance
provides the Community Financial Report and audited financial statements of Council for the year ended 30 June 2018.

Chapter 5 - Appendices
provides a summary of 2017-18 funding to community organisations, indexes, and other supporting information.


Annual Report highlights infographic

Click the image to enlarge or download the Annual Report 2017-18 highlights infographic as a PDF document.

View the Annual Report 2017-18 PDF Report.

Note: The materials presented on this site are provided by the City of Gold Coast for information purposes only. Users should note that the electronic versions of financial statements on this site are not recognised as the official or authorised version. The electronic versions are provided solely on the basis that users will take responsibility for verifying the accuracy, completeness and currency. Although considerable resources are used to prepare and maintain the electronic versions, Council accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may be incurred by any person acting in reliance on the electronic versions. The financial statements within this report are not to be used as an official copy. For more information regarding this Annual Report email, telephone 1300 465 326 or write to City of Gold Coast, PO BOX 5042, Gold Coast MC QLD 9726.

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