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Past consultations

Archived community consultations prior to 2013.

Consultation for Burleigh Green Space Conservation Reserves Management Plan


Council has developed a management plan to guide the protection, restoration and use of Burleigh Green Space Conservation Reserves, which cover nearly 90 hectares of the prominent ridge overlooking Burleigh township, including Burleigh Ridge Park, Ocean Parade Bush Parklands, Herbert Park, Ron Mason Park, Skyline Terrace Reserve and reserves along Loman Lane, to the south of David Fleay Wildlife Park (see map below).

Burleigh Green Space is part of an important wildlife corridor connecting the coastal forests of Burleigh Headland with the higher altitude rainforests of the Border Ranges. The reserves contain a diversity of habitats that, despite the surrounding urbanisation, support a surprising number of native animals, including koalas, gliders and over 60 bird species.

The area has long held significance for the Gold Coast’s traditional owners and today the green refuge of Burleigh Green Space offers residents and visitors a space for daily exercise and relaxation, as well as a scenic backdrop to tourist destinations such as Burleigh Heads and Palm Beach.

The planning area will be managed to conserve its landscape integrity and scenic, natural and cultural heritage values, while providing opportunities for sustainable nature-based public use, including bush walking, environmental education and scientific research.

Public consultation on the plan

Council recognises that community consultation is vital to the functions of conservation management in terms of policy development and service delivery. Inclusion of the community improves the quality of management decisions through information exchange and a shared understanding of issues; it is also an effective means of fostering community stewardship.

Members of the public, whether as individuals or as members of community interest groups, were invited to comment on this management plan.

Download a copy of the Burleigh Green Space Conservation Reserves Management Plan:

Consultation closed 28 February 2010.

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