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Disasters can happen quickly, sometimes without warning, so having your emergency plan in place is vital. Discover easy steps to keep your family, pets and property safe.

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Community Watch Program

City of Gold Coast invites your community group to participate in its new Community Watch Program. While we cannot totally prevent disasters, we can minimise their impact by building resilience skills in our community.

What is Community Watch?

Community Watch is a program for community groups on the Gold Coast. It is about communities and individuals harnessing local resources and expertise to help themselves in an emergency. It complements the response of the emergency services so that lives return to normal as quickly as possible.

Why is Community Watch important?

Fire fighters

Community Watch will assist your community group to:

  • help yourself and your family to prepare for and make informed decisions before, during and after an emergency
  • know the local risks
  • find out information about what is happening, enabling you to make informed decisions to keep your family and your property safe.

Local emergency responders will always have to prioritise those in greatest need during an emergency, especially where life is in danger. During these times, you need to know how to help yourself and those around you.

What is the City doing to build and enhance community resilience across the Gold Coast?

Community Watch is a City initiative to coordinate community resilience programs on the Gold Coast. It is jointly funded by the Australian and state governments and the City of Gold Coast.

Goals of the Community Watch program

  • increase individual, family and community resilience against threats and hazards
  • support and enable existing community resilience, expand and grow successful models of community resilience in other areas
  • support effective communications between Gold Coast residents and members of our emergency services
  • motivate people to learn about local hazards and how they are managed, and understand how the emergency services will operate during an emergency.

What will you and your group learn?

  • what to do before, during and after a disaster
  • what should be in an emergency kit
  • how to prepare a household emergency plan
  • how to prepare for a flood
  • how to prepare for a bushfire
  • how to prepare for a thunderstorm
  • how to prepare for a cyclone or east coast low
  • how do you recover from a disaster
  • how to find more information.

Who will present Community Watch?

The presenters are drawn from Queensland Fire and Rescue, State Emergency Service, Australian Red Cross and City of Gold Coast's disaster management officers.

Emergency Services

How do you participate in Community Watch?

Call the City’s Disaster Management Unit on 07 5581 1578 or email to register your organisation's interest and arrange a time to present the first session of the program to you.

The first session covers Queensland's disaster management arrangements, a localised version of what the emergency professionals are taught and gives the audience an insight into who does what and why. At the end of the session we go through a questionnaire, which will help you decide what other Community Watch sessions your group may like to participate in.

Where are Community Watch sessions held?

The Community Watch disaster sessions are presented at a venue suitable for your group.

Register your interest now on 07 5581 1578 or email