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Gold Coast 2020

Inspired by lifestyle. Driven by opportunity. Our Corporate Plan guides the Gold Coast's future to make our city more liveable, prosperous and strengthen our community.

Corporate Plan

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Gold Coast 2020

Gold Coast 2020 (City of Gold Coast's Corporate Plan) is a plan which identifies what we need to do between now and 2020 to work towards the City Vision.

It is based on the three City Vision themes that reflect the advantage of where we live, our opportunities as a city and the importance of a strong community.

City Vision

Inspired by lifestyle. Driven by opportunity.


  • Our city provides a choice of liveable places.
  • We live in balance with nature.
  • We have sustainable solid and liquid waste disposal.
  • We have fast, frequent and reliable public transport.
  • We are an active digital city.
  • Our modern centres create vibrant communities.
  • Everyone can enjoy a beach experience.
  • Our city benefits from a great Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth GamesTM.


  • Our city is innovative and grows successful businesses.
  • We have a thriving cultural economy.
  • We have infrastructure that supports productivity and growth.
  • We are a city with a strong and globally competitive business environment.
  • We are a globally recognised tourism destination.
  • We are an emerging world-class business destination.


  • Our city is safe.
  • We are proud of our city.
  • Our community is inclusive and supportive.
  • Our city embraces culture every day.
  • We are a highly skilled community.
  • We are an active community.

Supporting the delivery of Gold Coast 2020

We plan for the future of the city.

We manage the city responsibly.

Gold Coast 2020 is supported by other key documents such as the City Plan 2015 and key strategies which will help to transform the city such as Transport, Ocean Beaches, Economic Development and Culture.

A highlight during the life of the plan is the city hosting the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games™ (GC2018) in 2018 and benefiting from the legacy of GC2018 for generations to come.

City-wide engagement informed the development of Gold Coast 2020. The plan will be used to inform annual planning and budget priorities for the City of Gold Coast, with its progress reviewed on an annual basis.

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