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Council provides a range of services, activities and facilities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Council Divisions

The following maps are presented as PDF (Portable Document Format) documents, which allows you to enlarge the map for finer detail.

Map of Divisions

To view the PDF, you will need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe's website. A link to the Adobe site can be found below in the Related Information - External Links section.

Division 1 (PDF 2.7mb)

Division 2 (PDF 1.6mb)

Division 3 (PDF 1.9mb)

Division 4 (PDF 1.3mb)

Division 5 (PDF 2.2mb)

Division 6 (PDF 1.8mb)

Division 7 (PDF 1.8mb)

Division 8 (PDF 1.7mb)

Division 9 (PDF 2.1mb)

Division 10 (PDF 2.0mb)

Division 11 (PDF 1.7mb)

Division 12 (PDF 1.3mb)

Division 13 (PDF 1.8mb)

Division 14 (PDF 1.7mb)


Divisions by Suburb