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Rates and water bills

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From 5pm Saturday 23 June 2018 to 5am Monday 25 June 2018 there will interruptions to some online services due to planned maintenance. If you are unable to access links or online forms during this time, please try again later.

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Pay online by credit card

Pay your rate notice or water and sewerage rate notice by credit card through our secure payment gateway.

Pay your rate notice Pay your water bill

Please note: Payments by credit card will incur a surcharge.


Pay your rate notice on time

The City offers a discount for paying your rates on or before the due date of your rate notice. The discount amount on your rate notice represents a 10 per cent discount on your General Rate. There is no discount applicable on any other rate or charge appearing on your rate notice or water bill.

Choose a way to pay your rates and water bills, including the online options above, on our Payments page. This includes information about our direct debit facility (and how to apply), BPAY®, and pay by phone. You can also request changes to your direct debit facility from this page using our online forms.

Visit our Discounts and concessions page for information about other concessions that you may be eligible to apply for.

* In accordance with the Local Government Act 2009, Local Government Regulation 2012 and Council of the City of Gold Coast’s adopted budget resolutions, all rates and charges are due and payable within 31 days of the issue of the rate notice on which the rates or charges are levied. Any rates and charges left unpaid immediately after this period will attract interest of 11 per cent per annum compounding daily, either until payment, including the interest, is made in full or a satisfactory payment arrangement is entered into with Council.

Online payment plans, account balance check

Unsure of your account balance? Want to pay your rates and/or water bills off through weekly or fortnightly instalments? Use our 'Self-service rates and water accounts online' form below to check before you pay.

Any outstanding account balances will be displayed on the screen and you will have the option to follow a link to “pay now”, set up a payment plan, or exit the page.

Self service rates and water accounts online

Sign up for email delivery of notices

Would you like your future notices delivered by email instead of post? Register online now to receive your future rate notices and water bills by email.

  1. Follow the link below to 'Register online to receive notices by email' and complete the ownership identity fields.
  2. Select the button, "Yes, I'd like my notices via email" below the account summary table on the resulting account balance screen and follow the prompts to register for this service.

Register online to receive notices by email

For more information visit our Receive rate notices and water bills by email page.

Account enquiries and changes

Use the following forms for various rates and water account enquiries. We will respond to these enquiries within 10 working days.

Rate notice issue information

Your City of Gold Coast rate notice is issued twice yearly, usually in January and July, and covers six-monthly billing periods (i.e. January to June, and July to December, unless otherwise required).

Rates are a contribution each ratepayer makes to the City of Gold Coast towards the cost of running the city and the provision of community facilities and services, including water and sewerage. Each property is allocated a rating category according to land and property use, which is used as a basis for calculating the general rate charge. For more information, visit our About your rate notice page.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about your rate notice below.

Water bill issue information

Gold Coast ratepayers receive a water bill separate to their rate notice.

Pay your water every quarter

From 1 July 2014, City of Gold Coast water bills have been issued quarterly, usually in July, October, January and April of each year. Quarterly bills will assist in monitoring your water usage.

Find answers to frequently asked questions about your water bill below.

For more information, visit About your water bill.

Sale of land for arrears of rates

City of Gold Coast gives notice of properties to be sold by public auction due to non-payment of rates and associated charges. For details visit the Sale of land for arrears of rates page.

Related information

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  • Why has the notice number and biller code for my rate notice changed?

    City of Gold Coast is implementing a new information technology solution to support major customer, property and revenue functions. This will enable customers to access information quickly, easily and accurately online, rather than by paper, phone or in person.

    The new notice number and biller code for the rate notice are among the first changes you’ll see.

    • For BPay - Please ensure you use your new notice number and the biller code located on your latest rate notice (from July 2017). The biller code should be 575217.
    • For BPOINT (City of Gold Coast/Commonwealth Bank BPOINT payment screen) - Please ensure you use your new notice number. The biller code has not changed and should be 85639.

    Your notice number and biller code for your next water bill are not changing at this time – they will remain the same as they have been.

    Later this year, more online services will become available and customers will be able to register for an online account where you can login to view all of your interactions and account information.

  • My rate notice number hasn’t changed. Why not?

    A small percentage of rate notice numbers will remain unchanged. If your notice number remains the same, don’t worry. It is not an error. However, if you are paying by BPay please make sure you use the new biller code listed on the notice.

  • Why does my name appear different on my latest rate notice?

    The recent rate notice and any future rate notices from the City of Gold Coast will show your initials followed by your surname. By doing this, the City is reducing the risk of identity theft for our customers. 

  • How do I notify the City of my authorisation for another party to act on my behalf with regards to my rates and water bills?

    Note: Notifications will only be accepted from the registered owner of the property or in the case of a trust or a company, an authorised person of that trust or company.

    Property(s) held in the name of individual person(s): In writing, either by email to, or by post to City of Gold Coast, PO Box 5042 GCMC BUNDALL QLD 9729.

    Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 366 659 or +61 7 5667 5995. Please quote the rates or water and sewerage notice reference number, property address and current postal address.

    Property(s) held in the name of a trust or in a company name: In writing, either on company letterhead, or via company email to Please quote the rates or water and sewerage notice reference number, property address, current postal address and position title (e.g. Director).

  • Are my rates subject to GST?

    No, rates and charges that appear on your rate notice are exempt from GST.

  • I bought this property but did not own it for the entire rating and/or water consumption period. Why do I have to pay?

    Please check your settlement statement to confirm whether a rate and/or water adjustment was done or contact your solicitor and/or agent for confirmation.

  • I paid my solicitor for taking care of the change of ownership. Why do I have a Property Transfer Fee on my rate notice?

    The fee payable relates to the cost incurred by City of Gold Coast having to change its records to reflect you as the new owner of the property.

  • What does my rating category mean?

    City of Gold Coast operates a differential rating system, which means your land is categorised according to land use and/or demand for, or benefit from, City of Gold Coast services and rated accordingly. Included with the rate notice is an information sheet that explains how property has come to be included in a particular rating category.

  • I have only just purchased the property, am I expected to pay the rate notice?

    Yes, normally any new or unpaid rates owing on a property before purchase should have been adjusted in your favour in settlement figures. You may care to check settlement documents or contact your solicitor to confirm the nature of the rate adjustment made upon settlement.

  • I have retired, am I entitled to receive pension concessions on my rate notice?

    Yes, if the rate notice relates to the property registered in your name and is your permanent place of residence and provided also that you are the holder of either a Queensland Pensioner Concession Card or a Veterans' Affairs Gold Card (for all conditions). A Seniors Card does not qualify. Other conditions apply.

  • What do I need to do to apply for pension concessions?

    To enquire about your eligibility for pensioner rate concessions, please call us on 07 5667 5995 or 1300 366 659 as you may be able to apply over the phone.

    Alternatively, you can complete an application form at your nearest City of Gold Coast customer service centre. Please bring your current Queensland Pensioner Concession card or Queensland Veterans' Affairs card.

    If you have recently moved to a new address within the City, you will also need to re-apply for pensioner rate concessions on your new property.

  • When is my rate notice due to be paid?

    The rate notice amount is payable by the due date shown on the front of the rate notice. Provided City of Gold Coast receives your payment on or before this date, discount will be allowed. If rates and other charges are not paid by the due date, the discount will be forfeited and the total rates will become overdue and subject to interest penalties.

  • What should I do if I am unable to pay my rates on time?

    If you are unable to pay your rates in full and on time, please contact us before the due date to organise a weekly/fortnightly payment arrangement. You can also request a payment plan using our online Rate and water account enquiry form.

  • If I have a payment arrangement but am unable to make payment when it’s due?

    If you are unable to make a payment as arranged, please contact us beforehand to make alternative arrangements. Otherwise, your existing arrangement may be terminated. You may have to pay backdated interest charges and be exposed to recovery action.

  • Can I pay my rates in advance?

    City of Gold Coast rates can be paid in advance at any time either by making regular payments or making a lump sum payment. Please contact us to discuss payment methods including by Direct Debit or visit our Payments page to view your options online.

  • Are my regular payments listed individually on the rate notice?

    No, this would add pages to the rate notice and ultimately increase production and postage costs. You can view your account balance online using our Rate and water account enquiry facility. You can also use this online form for other enquiries, e.g. to request a payment summary. Alternatively, contact us for clarification of your account balance or details of payments received.

  • Is the City's emailing of notices service available to all ratepayers?

    Yes, as a registered property owner, you can submit a request to receive your rates and water notices by email. Registration can be completed using the online form below. To register, follow the prompts when you arrive at the account balance screen.

    Please note: Depending on the timing of this request, you may receive one more notice by post before your request for our email delivery service is processed. This service is limited to one email address per account.

    Self-service rates and water accounts online

  • Will I receive other City notices or accounts by email as well?

    At this stage the only notices or accounts available from the City of Gold Coast are your rate notice and water bill.

  • What if I'm outside Australia, can I still receive rate notices and water bills by email?

    Yes, if you have registered to receive your notices through our City emailing of notice service.

    BPAY View® registered customers - Yes, if you use Internet banking through an Australian financial institution. Otherwise, if you only have an overseas bank account, you won't be able to use the BPAY View® service.

  • Will I still receive notices through the mail once I register to receive notices by email?

    No, once you have registered to receive your rate notice or water bill via the City's emailing of notices service, or through BPAY View®, you will no longer receive the notices in the mail.

  • What about the inserts and brochures that normally come with the hardcopy notice?

    No problem, you'll be able to view all the brochures and notices that normally come in the mail online by visiting our rate notice mail out page.

  • If I receive my notice by email, what payment methods can I use?

    City emailing of notices service: You can use any available payment method (including direct debit).

    BPAY View® registered customers: As above. However, making payments by BPAY® payment is easy with BPAY View® as the amount to pay and reference numbers will be pre-populated for you.

  • I'm having trouble registering for BPAY View® and need more information.

    BPAY View® - If you need assistance with registering for Internet banking and/or the BPAY View® service, visit, or contact your financial institution.

    BPAY® and BPAY View® are registered trademarks of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518

  • Water and Sewerage rates notices?

    City of Gold Coast is responsible for delivering water and sewerage services on the Coast.

    Gold Coast ratepayers receive a water and sewerage account that is separate to their rate notice. From July 2014, water and sewerage notices will be issued quarterly, i.e. in July, October, January and April.

    You have 30 days from the date of your bill to pay your water account or enter into a payment arrangement where you can pay by making regular instalments.

    The contact telephone number for water enquiries is 07 5667 5801 or 1300 000 928. All water enquiries and payments are supported across the Gold Coast at our customer service centres.

    For more information visit About your water bill