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Disasters can happen quickly, sometimes without warning, so having your emergency plan in place is vital. Discover easy steps to keep your family, pets and property safe.

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Disaster coordination

City of Gold Coast works with State and Federal governments, emergency service agencies, Non Government Organisations (NGOs) and the community to improve our city's resilience to the effects of severe weather events and other emergencies.

As a team united, we adopt a 360 degree approach, focusing on disaster preparedness, prevention, response and recovery.

Our plans and emergency teams ensure we are prepared for a major event with coordinated, well-rehearsed strategies to lessen the impact.

It's a collaborative approach. Given that nature knows no boundaries, all our documents and activities align with the Inspector General Emergency Management’s Emergency Management Assurance Framework and State planning, in case a situation escalates and a district or State-wide response is required.

We can't build a disaster-proof bubble for our city but, working together, we can cushion the effects of a major incident on our community, our families and our daily lives, and bounce back as quickly as possible after an emergency.

Local Disaster Management Plan

Bringing together all key emergency bodies under one guiding document, our Local Disaster Management Plan for the Gold Coast:

  • identifies the major hazards facing our city
  • details steps to prevent, prepare for and limit the impact of potential disasters
  • promotes community safety through public awareness and education
  • coordinates the emergency response including SES, fire, police and ambulance services
  • provides a support network to help our community recover and rebuild immediately after a disaster.
  • coordinates recovery through agreements with NGOs.

Gold Coast City Local Disaster Management Group

The City of Gold Coast Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) is a committee whose membership consists of representatives with the necessary expertise or experience and delegated authority to assist with a comprehensive, all hazards, all agencies approach to disaster management.

It is the peak body for coordinating the response and recovery for the impacts caused by disaster events and disasters that affect our community.

Membership includes:

  • Chairperson – Mayor, Council of the City of Gold Coast
  • Deputy Chairperson - Deputy Mayor, Council of the City of Gold Coast
  • Local Disaster Coordinator - Director City Infrastructure, City of Gold Coast
  • key personnel from City of Gold Coast Disaster Management Unit and City Infrastructure Directorate
  • member agencies, including representatives from Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Queensland Police and State Emergency Service.

Our LDMG is part of Queensland's broader disaster management process. This enables a progressive escalation of support at a local, district and State level as required.

Disaster Management Unit

The City's Disaster Management Unit is a team of highly-trained disaster experts who monitor and plan for Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery for disasters.

They operate from the City's state-of-the-art Disaster Management Centre, where they research and model disasters that could affect our city and run community education programs to help us all be informed and prepared.

At the emergency front line, our team is in the hot seat. They are the first point of contact for the city's emergency response agencies as they run the Disaster Management Centre to enable a city-wide, coordinated response to the situation at hand.

They also deliver disaster management training and provide direct support to the emergency response agencies, including police, fire, SES and ambulance personnel, helping to keep our community safe before, during and after a major incident.

Other activities include secretariat support to the City's Local Disaster Management Group and maintaining our Local Disaster Management Plan.

More information

For more details contact the Disaster Management Unit on 07 5581 1578.

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