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Energy education

Student learning with Council’s Energy Education trailer

Reducing our energy consumption and switching to renewable energy sources is critical to creating a more sustainable and liveable city, nation and planet. City of Gold Coast (City) believes that educating our children now on energy use and energy conservation is a valuable investment in their future and ours.

Energy education trailer

The City has designed and funded a purpose-built energy education trailer to visit schools, enabling middle school students (Grades 5 to 9) to explore renewable energy and energy conservation through interactive displays, hands-on activities and classroom presentations. The trailer is equipped with:

  • a stand-alone power system with energy supplied by solar panels and a wind turbine, and batteries to store the electricity generated
  • educational equipment – solar cooker, solar oven, model solar hot water system, solar pump, electric bike, model coal-fired steam engine, solar water purifier, energy efficiency display
  • educational resources including a touch screen PC with carbon footprint game, posters, CD-ROMs, DVDs
  • an LCD screen and DVD player to show videos about climate change and sustainability.

The trailer is managed on behalf of the City by Numinbah Valley Environmental Education Centre (EEC). Schools are able to book the trailer for the following types of school visits:

Gold Coast City Council’s Energy Education trailer
  • single day - with Numinbah Valley EEC teachers running the educational program; or
  • multiple days - bookings of up to one week, with school staff trained in the implementation of the program.

The program adheres to the national curriculum, and there is no cost to schools. Schools wishing to find out more or make a booking should call 07 5548 0333 or visit the Numinbah Valley EEC website

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