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City of Gold Coast provides a range of resources, programs and support to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

Environment education

Students learning with Council’s Energy Education trailer

The City of Gold Coast (City) supports a range of environment-related education programs and services, some involving school visits and links to school curriculum. Our current programs are:

BeachCare and CoastEd: Volunteer beach care and coastal education.

Beaches to Bushland Volunteer Restoration Program: Bushcare and Landcare groups participating in environmental weed control and planting.

Botanic Gardens education program: This program provides interactive outdoor learning opportunities for primary school children to enhance their classroom learning. The program features a number of different lessons linked to the Australian curriculum, relating to conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and indigenous perspectives. It is free of charge, for class sizes of between 25 and 30 students (with teacher supervision). For further information, contact the Gardens Education Officer on 0400 048 006.

Community Planting Program: The Community Planting Program encourages schools, organisations, businesses and community groups to actively participate in native tree planting at various locations across the Gold Coast. All plants, materials and tools are supplied with supervision by one of the City's qualified bush regenerators. All planting will then be maintained by the City. The program caters for groups of 10 to 60. Bookings must be made one month in advance and are subject to weather conditions.

Energy education: Educating our children now on energy use and energy conservation.

Gold Coast Waterwatch: Encouraging schools and local community to participate in monitoring the health of Gold Coast creeks and rivers, through water quality sampling and macro invertebrate "water bug" collection.

Koala Conservation Education: An opportunity for local school students to develop their knowledge and understanding of koalas and their habitat.

Land for Wildlife: Land for Wildlife is a free scheme available to property owners with one or more hectares of native vegetation who are committed to protecting private bushland or restoring wildlife habitat that has been cleared or disturbed.

NaturallyGC program: Free workshops and activities running throughout the year to explore, understand and make the most of our unique natural environments across the Gold Coast.

Platypus Watch: Involves members of the community undertaking platypus surveys, promoting and recording platypus sightings and assessing platypus habitats.

Seagrass Watch: Enables the community to participate in seagrass monitoring and research.

Watersaver: Comprehensive water use education program providing resources and assistance for schools and businesses, and for home and garden, to raise awareness and develop practical water saving skills.

Resources and events

Environment facts and figures: discover why the Gold Coast is one of the most biodiverse cities in Australia.
City of Gold Coast Libraries’ websites and databases
: access to the City Libraries' online content about the environment and science.
Nature conservation maps
: explore wildlife habitats and significant landscapes of the Gold Coast.

The City also participates in a range of events to promote environmental awareness in the community including:

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