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Evidence of Identity

When making an application for access to personal information, evidence of identity is required with the application, or within 10 business days of making the application. Without this evidence the application can not be processed.

If an application for access to personal information is made on someone’s behalf, a copy of the letter of authorisation to act, is required. Both parties are also required to provide evidence of their identities.

When applying

  • By post - attach a certified copy of the identification document to the application.
  • In person - produce the original identification document for a qualified Customer Service Officer to certify or the Right to Information and Information Privacy Decision Maker to sight. 
  • By email or fax -  provide a certified copy of the identification document to Council.

A certified copy is considered valid if it is witnessed by a lawyer or notary public, commissioner for declarations or justice of the peace.

Documents that provide sufficient evidence of identity

  • Current driver’s licence.
  • Identifying page of a current passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Copy of prisoner’s identity card certified by corrective services.
  • Statutory declaration of an individual who has known the applicant for at least one year.