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Get ready Gold Coast

Disasters can occur anywhere, anytime. Being prepared is our best protection.


Gold Coast City Council is committed to protecting the city’s built and natural environment against flooding.

A flood is a temporary rise of water level from a creek, river, lake or along a coastline, resulting in it spilling over and out of its natural or artificial confines onto land that is normally dry. Floods are usually caused by excessive runoff from rainfall or by coastal storm surges or other tidal phenomena.

The Gold Coast has more than 55 kilometres of coastline and over 260 kilometres of navigable waterways. These natural and man-made features that make our lifestyle unique also present significant challenges and opportunities for managing flooding that is predicted to occur with climate change.

World experts have given a favourable report on Council's flood modelling, which is used to assess potential flooding risks. Council's approach demonstrates a commitment to best practice in managing floods and enhancing community safety.

For these strategies to be effective, residents need to:

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For more information on floods, find the link to the Queensland Government website below.

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