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Today's Gold Coast

Our city is forward-thinking; vibrant; balanced; warm; connected. Uncover all the things you don't know about the Gold Coast.

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Gold Coast reputation

A city’s reputation is closely aligned with its ability to attract new business, investment and skilled people.   

Research undertaken since 2011 showed major gaps between attitudes and perceptions of the Gold Coast from our local business and general community, and those from interstate, highlighting a significant opportunity to improve the reputation of the Gold Coast.  

The Gold Coast reputation strategy aims to correct these misperceptions and position the Gold Coast brand nationally and internationally as a competitive and aspirational environment for business, education, tourism, skilled professionals and general investment.  

It is up to all our institutions, businesses and the community to come together to share ownership of our city’s reputation and make the most of the opportunity we have to demonstrate our very genuine story of transformation and coming of age.

The City brand unites our combined efforts under a single banner that reflects our values – forward-thinking; vibrant; balanced; warm; connected. It's the identifier for shared ownership of our reputation-building objectives, designed to transform perceptions and tell an authentic story of today’s Gold Coast.

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