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Council of the City of Gold Coast

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Submit your petition

A petition is a formal written request, typically signed by many people, appealing to a law-making authority such as Council of the City of Gold Coast (Council), with respect to a particular cause. The written request must contain no less than 10 signatures of people who support the request.

Rules for preparing a petition in accordance with Council

Find Subordinate Local Law No. 1.1 (Meetings) 2008 below.

Petitions should meet certain standards. The message should be brief and concise. Only an original document (not photocopies or emails) will be accepted.

  1. Each petition is to be presented by a member, who as far as possible, is to make themselves acquainted with the subject matter of that petition.
  2. The nature and prayer of each such petition is to be stated to the local government by the member presenting the same and, if required, is to be read.
  3. A petition is not to be presented or received unless it:
    1. is worded in respectful language
    2. is typewritten or otherwise legible
    3. contains a minimum of 10 signatures
    4. contain the names and addresses of signatories.
  4. On the presentation of a petition to the local government the only question which is to be entertained by the local government is:
    1. that the petition not be received; or
    2. that the petition be received and referred to a committee for consideration and report.
  5. The Council may publish any petition received in a Council meeting pursuant to this provision.

How to lodge a petition with Council

Ensure all the above rules are complied with and forward your petition to your local Councillor or post to:

Mr Dale Dickson
Chief Executive Officer
City of Gold Coast
PO Box 5042

The process

The petition, if received by Council at an Ordinary meeting, will not be debated at that meeting. It will be referred to the relevant Council Directorate for action and response.

The lead petitioner will receive all correspondence regarding the petition.

The sample petition listed under Forms & Applications below may be used as a guide.

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