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Council provides a range of services, activities and facilities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Local government

In the Australian federal system there are three (3) levels of government: federal, state and local. Each level of government has its own responsibilities, though many responsibilities are shared in various ways.

Listed below are the roles and responsibilities for local government, the lowest level of government in Australia, often seen as being the most accessible to the people. Local government bodies such as councils have specific responsibilities, duties and limitations on their areas of responsibility or influence.

For further information on the City of Gold Coast's products and services, visit the White Pages under Gold Coast City Council, or refer to our Community Guide, available at all Customer Service Centres.

Find links to City of Gold Coast's Community Guide and local government websites below.

City of Gold Coast Services

Advertising devices

Some signs may require a development permit and/or licence. For information about compliance or application details, call 07 5581 6668.

Application forms are available from Permits and licencing - phone 1300 130 854.


Before starting any building work, check with a building certifier about applications needed - refer to Building Surveyors in the Yellow Pages.

For building compliance assistance, contact our Town Planning Advice Centre:

City of Gold Coast
Nerang Administration Centre
833 Southport Nerang Road
Phone: 07 5582 8708


Permits are required for busking in Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

Cavill Mall

Busking is permitted with a licence within designated areas.

Licences are issued quarterly by Surfers Paradise Alliance and City of Gold Coast. Performers must audition in Cavill Mall before a judging panel and the public.

To register, please phone 07 5584 3700.

Broadbeach Mall

For audition times, contact Broadbeach Alliance Ltd on 07 5539 8416.


Applications for Australian Citizenship are available by contacting City of Gold Coast on 1300 130 854, but are processed by the Department of Immigration.

The City holds citizenship ceremonies each month. For more information, phone 13 18 80.

Council Cab

A shared taxi service is available to take people from their home at 9:30am to a designated shopping centre and home again at 11:30am, at least one day a week, for $2 each way.

Phone: 1300 130 854

Dogs and cats

To report dogs barking or wandering, dog attacks or nuisance cats, contact Animal Management:

Phone: 07 5581 6664 or 1300 130 854

City of Gold Coast promotes responsible cat ownership. Cats must be contained to the owner's property at all times.

Dogs aged six months and over must be registered as part of responsible pet ownership.

Fire ants

City of Gold Coast will identify fire ant specimens. Take the sealed specimen labelled with your name, address and phone number to any Customer Service Centre. It will be forwarded to Pest Management (phone: 07 5581 7914) for identification.

To report a fire ant infestation contact:

Department of Primary Industries
Phone: 13 25 23


To report damaged footpaths, contact us, or our works maintenance depots between 7am and 4pm as follows:

  • south of the Nerang River, including Nerang - phone 07 5581 7801
  • north of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7923

For advice and information about insurance claims resulting from injury on City-controlled land, contact our Insurance and Risk Management branch:

Phone: 07 5581 7303

Free trees

City of Gold Coast encourages tree planting and supplies free plants to ratepayers. Find the link to GC Parks website below.


City of Gold Coast will remove graffiti from City properties. Although the City does not remove graffiti from private land, graffiti removal kits are available from our branch offices.

To report graffiti on public land, contact our Graffiti Hotline:

Phone: 07 5581 7998 between 7am and 4.30pm (or leave a message after hours)

Alternatively, download our mobile app to report graffiti, email, or call 1300 130 854.


City of Gold Coast provides free vaccinations under the National Immunisation Program Schedule Queensland (NIPSQ) for children/adolescents aged two months to 15 years. The vaccines are provided courtesy of Queensland Health and administration by health professionals at City clinics is also free. The City also provides certain vaccines which are not on the free list at vaccine cost.

For a full schedule, clinic times and locations and details of the vaccines available, please contact our Environmental Health Services and Policy branch:

Phone: 07 5581 6709 or 1300 130 854


For library locations and hours of operation, visit our Libraries website (find the link to this website below) or contact our Library Services & Cultural Development branch:

Phone: 07 5581 6788 or 1300 130 854


There are many arts and crafts markets on the Gold Coast.

For information about those operating on City of Gold Coast land, contact Parks and Recreational Services:

Phone: 07 5581 6863

For information about foods for sale at markets, contact Health and Regulatory Services:

Phone: 07 5581 6220


Please visit our noise complaints page for further information.

Overgrown land

To report overgrown land in public areas, including easements, contact our Parks Maintenance team:

  • north side of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7967
  • south side of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7814

To report overgrown land on private property, contact our Local Law branch:

Phone: 07 5581 6284 or 1300 130 854


Vermin and declared plants (weeds)

For complaints of vermin in food premises, contact Health Services:

Phone: 07 5581 6220

For a list of and advice on pest weeds (declared plants), contact:

Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Phone: 07 5583 1700

Pollution (environmental)

To report spills, dumping or pouring of hazardous agents down gutters, or fuel, oil, glass and metal from traffic accidents so they are not washed into waterways and do not harm people or damage property, contact Health Services:

Phone: 07 5581 6220

Pool fencing

For enquiries regarding pool fencing compliance inspections, contact our Development Compliance branch:

Phone: 07 5582 8184 or 1300 130 854


To enquire about any aspect of your rates, please contact us.

Rental accommodation

Health and safety issues such as vermin, faulty wiring, leaking roofs can be reported to Health Services:

Phone: 07 5581 6220

Roads and streets

City of Gold Coast is responsible for the planning, building, maintenance and control of local roads, such as installing speed minimisation devices.

For information about:

  • Planning - phone Transport Planning on 07 5582 8489
  • Construction - phone Engineering on 07 5581 6268
  • Temporary road closures - phone Engineering Services Traffic Branch on 07 5582 8450 

Report damaged roads to:

  • Nerang or south of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7801
  • north of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7923

Rubbish, garbage and recycling

For enquiries, complaints or replacement bins, contact Waste Management:

Phone: 07 5581 6799 or 1300 130 854


For information about the location of sewer mains or for copies of house drainage plans, contact us.

To report blocked or leaking sewer mains contact Gold Coast Water:

Phone: 07 5581 7909

For a faulty on-site sewer facility or septic (not on your property), contact our Plumbing branch:

Phone: 07 5582 8393

Smoke emissions and backyard burn-offs

Burn-offs are permitted when there are no fire restrictions in force and when they comply with City of Gold Coast by-laws. Before burning off, contact Health Services:

Phone: 07 5581 6220 or 1300 130 854

For information about restrictions and permits, contact:

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
Phone: 1300 369 003

To report smoke nuisance such as chimney emissions or excessively smoking burn-offs, contact Health Services:

Phone: 07 5581 6220


To report:

Stormwater runoff onto private property (within property boundaries), contact Development Compliance:

Phone: 07 5582 8184 or 1300 130 854

Stormwater runoff from roads or public lands (or to enquire about building over a stormwater main), contact our Beaches and Watercycle branch:

Phone: 1300 130 854

Blocked or damaged stormwater systems such as blocked gully pits, contact our Works Maintenance team between 7am and 4pm:

  • Nerang and south of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7801
  • north of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7923

To request mowing of a stormwater easement:

  • north of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7967
  • south of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7814

Street lights - poles only

To have a street light removed or an extra one installed, send a written request to:

City of Gold Coast
Traffic Branch
Engineering Services
PO Box 5042

Tree removal

Private land

Before removing a tree, visit one of our Customer Service Centres for advice on whether a permit or exemption is applicable, or contact our Environmental Assessment team:

Phone: 07 5582 8688

Public land

To report a tree that needs to be removed or trimmed on public land, contact our Parks Maintenance team on:

  • north side of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7967
  • south side of the Nerang River - phone 07 5581 7814


To report problems, or to enquire or complain, contact Gold Coast Water:

Phone: 1300 366 692 or 07 5581 7909

Weeds and declared plants

Landowners must clear weeds and undergrowth from private property. City of Gold Coast will control and eradicate pest weeds from City-owned land.

For a list of weeds and advice, contact:

Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Phone: 07 5583 1700

To report declared plants on private property or for advice and identification, contact our Local Law branch:

Phone: 07 5581 6284 or 1300 130 854

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