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Council of the City of Gold Coast

We provide a vast range of services, activities and facilities to make the Gold Coast the best place to live and visit.

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Mayor's updates

Gold Coasters will benefit from another financial year of low rate increases – the sixth successive time rate increases have been kept at record lows.

Since I became Mayor in 2012, I made it clear to Council that the days of double digit and high rate increases were over. For 2017-18, Council has again achieved that milestone as we deliver a 1.8 per cent average general rate increase (principal place of residence).

We achieve this at the same time that we are paying down debt, building a world-class cultural precinct, finalising plans to host the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, rolling out permanent beach matting, protecting our precious koala population and boosting our CCTV network.

The Games will be an historic event in our city's history and they are now only nine months away. This budget lays the foundation to take us past the Games and to put our city way ahead.

It's now time to get on with the job of delivering these important projects and programs that employ thousands of Gold Coasters and supports their families.

Paying down debt

Unlike almost every other Government in Australia: local, state or federal, the Gold Coast is continuing to pay down debt. I can confirm that by 30 June another $52 million in debt will have been paid back over the year.

For the budget I've just delivered for 2017-18, our Commonwealth Games year, the City will be paying down around $37 million of debt.

Before I was elected the City was racing towards over a billion dollars in debt. In fact it peaked at around $830 million before 2012. At the end of next year it will be down to around $650 million!

This has a compounding effect of not only setting up the future generations in the city with less debt around our collective necks, but means our yearly interest bill is reduced - a saving right off the top of ratepayers funds each and every year into the future.

This is what it means to be truly a 'fiscally conservative' leader!

Funding highlights

  • Investing more than $100 million constructing, maintaining and renewing roads.
  • $5 million invested in the continuation of Light Rail with detailed reference designs on Stage 3A Broadbeach to Burleigh Heads.
  • $2 million invested in operating a 24 hour CCTV safety camera network.
  • $9.8 million delivering the Northern Beaches Shoreline Project to protect the city by widening the beach and dunes at Surfers Paradise and Narrowneck.
  • More than $70 million invested in economic development and job creation.
  • Providing $341,000 for permanent beach matting and wheelchairs so everyone can enjoy a beach experience.
  • Investing more than $32 million promoting Gold Coast amenities regionally, nationally and internationally with funding for Gold Coast Tourism, Surfers Paradise Alliance, Broadbeach Alliance and Connecting Southern Gold Coast.
  • $2.7 million invested to support Study Gold Coast and major events that attract visitors and students to the city.
  • More than $124 million to provide a network of safe, accessible and attractive parks, and management of more than 13,000 hectares of bushland.
  • More than $404,000 to develop and implement a citywide koala conservation program.
  • Investing more than $24 million to complete the Cultural Precinct Stage 1. This includes construction of the amphitheatre and detailed design and early works for the new art gallery and pedestrian bridge.
  • More than $19 million allocated to collecting waste from residential and commercial properties throughout the city, and over $224 million providing safe and reliable drinking water across the city.
  • $685,000 invested in developing the Gold Coast Sports Precinct at Carrara and more than $1.3 million renewing facilities at Miami Aquatic Centre.
  • $5 million to progress detailed planning for new sporting/aquatic facilities at Pimpama to support the growing population of the northern Gold Coast.
  • $97 million to host the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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