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Connecting the community to nature

The NaturallyGC workshops and activities are designed for people interested in connecting with and exploring our city's wonderful natural environment.

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NaturallyGC ambassadors

Our NaturallyGC Ambassadors are positive role models for the environment and help to connect the Gold Coast community to nature and make the most of what our NaturallyGC program has to offer.

Our ambassadors help to:

  • connect participants of all ages with nature and inspire them to get involved in NaturallyGC activities and events
  • encourage and inspire positive action and change within the community
  • empower others with knowledge and resources to become stewards of our natural environment

Meet our NaturallyGC Ambassdors Patrick Brabant (Enviro Warrior) and Jasmine Rasmusen (Wildlife Warrior).

Enviro warrior, Patrick Brabant

Patrick Brabant the Enviro Warrior

Patrick has been interested in animals and wildlife ever since he was three years old. He is keen to connect people back to nature and educate the community on the little things that we can do each day to make a difference.

Patrick is involved in a number of environment initiatives including;

  • NaturallyGC ambassador 2016-17
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary ambassador
  • Clean up Australia Day 2017 ambassador
  • Queensland Youth and Environment Council representative
  • City of Gold Coast Australia Day 2016 Environment recipient.

Follow Patrick’s NaturallyGC adventures and blog.

Wildlife Warrior, Jasmine Rasmussen

Jasmine Rasmussen

Jasmine has had a passion for helping injured wildlife and releasing them back into the wild from a young age.

She believes that the youth of Australia are able to come together under the banner of preserving and regenerating Australian ecosystems that are home to thousands of species.

In pursuit of wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability, Jasmine has volunteered for a number of initiatives, including:

  • WildCare volunteer
  • WildCare workshop facilitator
  • NaturallyGC ambassador 2017-18.

Find out about some of the things that Jasmine gets up to over at Wildcare Australia.

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