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Connecting the community to nature

The NaturallyGC workshops and activities are designed for people interested in connecting with and exploring our city's wonderful natural environment.

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NaturallyGC program

NaturallyGC workshops and activities are for people interested in connecting with and exploring our city's wonderful natural environment through a broad range of nature based activities, workshops, events and recreational opportunities.

The program provides over 800 free and low cost activities catering for over 12,000 participants each year through an annual program and popular kids holiday programs.

Activities and workshops include; citizen science, guided bushwalks, trail running and kayaking, tree planting, Koala conservation, kids nature play and a range of other environmental education workshops. You can also find tips on native gardening, natural area parks to discover and native wildlife and information on City-led environment programs

The NaturallyGC program is now online with booklets available from all City customer service centres and libraries.

NaturallyGC kids school holiday program

Switch screen time for green time over the Summer school holidays and plan how to connect the kids to nature through our NaturallyGC kids school holiday programs running from 8 December 2017 to 21 January 2018.

Aim of the program

The NaturallyGC program is aimed at creating many benefits for the community, including:

  • connecting the community with nature and Gold Coast natural areas
  • providing a range of free and low cost nature based workshops and activities for the community
  • providing beneficial, environmental education opportunities to the community
  • encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle
  • encouraging and promoting sustainable, nature based recreation opportunities
  • encouraging on-ground action within the community
  • raising awareness of the environmental values of the Gold Coast.

Becoming a NaturallyGC member or provide feedback

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NaturallyGC ambassadors

Enviro warrior, Patrick Brabant

Patrick has been interested in animals and wildlife ever since he was three years old. He is keen to connect people back to nature and educate the community on the little things that we can do each day to make a difference.

Patrick Brabant the Enviro Warrior

Patrick is involved in a number of environment initiatives including;

  • NaturallyGC ambassador 2016-17
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary ambassador
  • Clean up Australia Day 2017 ambassador
  • Queensland Youth and Environment Council representative
  • City of Gold Coast Australia Day 2016 Environment recipient.

Follow Patrick’s NaturallyGC adventures and blog.

Wildlife Warrior, Jasmine Rasmussen

Jasmine Rasmussen

Jasmine has had a passion for helping injured wildlife and releasing them back into the wild from a young age.

She believes that the youth of Australia are able to come together under the banner of preserving and regenerating Australian ecosystems that are home to thousands of species.

In pursuit of wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability, Jasmine has volunteered for a number of initiatives, including:

  • WildCare volunteer
  • WildCare workshop facilitator
  • NaturallyGC ambassador 2017-18.

Find out about some of the things that Jasmine gets up to over at Wildcare Australia.

NaturallyGC partnerships and initiatives

Nature Play QLD Passport

We've got stacks of missions for kids to complete outside, which are fun and mostly free.

The program is designed to encourage kids and their families to visit our iconic parks and places, along with day-to-day activities such as climbing a tree, visiting a beach, camping under the stars or visiting a local park.

The missions are delivered through an exciting online interface that allows kids to find a mission to complete, and then leave the computer behind to go and do it. They also earn virtual points for completing each outdoor activity. These points can be used to build avatars and to win great prizes.

The online interface is accompanied by an optional physical passport booklet that can be used to track progress. The physical passport booklet has 10 'mission' pages, stickers, suggestions on great places to go and things to do outdoors and a list of 15 things every child should do before they're 12.

Parents, get your kids started today.

For a free copy of the Nature Play QLD passport phone 07 5667 5972.

Photography competition

Dust off your cameras and capture the beauty of our hinterland, waterways, nature trails and native plants and animals. Enter our NaturallyGC Instagram photo competition.

Use the #NaturallyGC hashtag and share your nature-based experiences with friends and family. Search the hashtag across social media platforms to find out how others have been engaging in the program.

NaturallyGC partners

Become a partner

If you are an organisation, community group or not for profit that would like to have your workshops or activities promoted within the NaturallyGC program, please contact for further information.

To be involved within the NaturallyGC Program you must have the following:

  • sufficient qualifications in your professional field and experience delivering group environmental based programs/activities for the community
  • $10 million public liability insurance (individuals or businesses)
  • current first aid certificate
  • current blue card (if working with children)
  • be community minded
  • risk management procedures in place.

For a full list of City supported environmental education programs visit the Environment education page.

City environment resources

Environmental weeds of the Gold Coast

The City has produced an Environmental Weeds booklet which aims to help residents identify weeds and provides information on how to control environmental weeds.


The annual bushfire season on the Gold Coast runs from September through to December, although seasonal changes can extend or shorten this period. Find out how to be prepared.

Flora and Fauna database

Recognising the huge diversity of plant and animal life in our region, the City provides a comprehensive website that lists all species known to occur on the Gold Coast. is a unique resource created by the City to document the Gold Coast’s biodiversity and provide a single source of information.

Wildlife friendly gardens

The Gold Coast's urban areas provide habitat for hundreds of aquatic and terrestrial species. Backyard habitats, in urban areas, play a significant role in contributing to the city’s biodiversity. By giving some thought to the needs of native wildlife when landscaping your backyard you are likely to encourage and enjoy a much greater variety of native birds, mammals and other fauna.

Report pest problems

Use our online report a problem form to report pest plants and animals.

Bird places of the Gold Coast

For a guide on where to find birds on the Gold Coast, visit Birds of Queensland.

Native plants of the Gold Coast

Whether you're looking to plant up your own private urban native oasis or undertake landscape-scale bush regeneration projects, you can download the free GroNATIVE app produced by Griffith University, Natura Pacific and the Queensland Government. It uses postcode geo-location and tailor made gardening styles to allow you to hand-pick a native planting palette that will flourish in their chosen area. Learn more and download the free app.

There are a range of great resources available to the community to learn more about native gardening, environmental weeds, plants and animals of the Gold Coast, bushfire and creating wildlife friendly gardens.

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