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Purchase Orders and Letters of Acceptance

When you are successful with a quotation or tender you will receive a Letter of Acceptance and/or a Purchase Order with a contract reference number.

It is essential that you receive an official Letter of Acceptance or Purchase Order for all carrying out of works, goods and/or services and ICT to be supplied or delays in processing your invoices or account can occur.

There is also no guarantee of payment for goods and/or services provided without a Letter of Acceptance.

All City of Gold Coast staff are instructed to arrange a purchase order prior to the supply of goods and/or services. Once you have the purchase order number, which is numeric, e.g. 3000000000, you are able to deliver your goods and/or services to Council.

You may receive more than one purchase order number depending on the range of work being undertaken for Council. When invoicing, you need to ensure you are using the correct purchase order number for the work.

Please don’t use completed purchase order numbers on invoices or they will be returned to you.

The only instance where an order or letter is not required is when Council's corporate credit card is used.

All City of Gold Coast purchase orders are issued by authorised staff in Council's Supply Services section and will include the name of the supplier, ABN number, contact details, the details of the work required, delivery details and price exclusive of GST.

The supplier/ABN combination is authorised to supply the goods and/or services stated on the order.

Conditions of Order are stated on Council's purchase orders. It is recommended that the conditions be reviewed prior to conducting business with Council to assess their impact, if any, on your business.

If the purchase order is being raised as part of a contract arrangement, the conditions of the contract will prevail over the conditions of the purchase order.

If for any reason you have concerns regarding a request for supply of goods and/or services, please contact Council's Purchasing section on 07 5581 6275 and have the copy of your purchase order, or your purchase order number, available for reference.

Letters of Acceptance are issued by authorised officers responsible for administering contract arrangements and provide a Contract Number reference, which must be quoted on all correspondence and claims.


Council's Conditions of Order stipulate that goods are to be delivered to the specified delivery point at no charge. If a charge for freight is to apply, this must be clearly stated on the purchase order.

Should a purchase order not include freight and it is to be charged, it is important to contact the Purchasing Officer listed on the purchase order prior to delivery.

Delivery Notes and Dockets

All goods delivered to Council must be accompanied by the delivery note or docket, which includes the purchase order number, a description of the goods and the quantity supplied. The receiving officer must sign these dockets.

Please note that tax invoices must not be included with any delivery. They are to be sent directly to Council's Accounts Payable section using one of the methods listed below.

Mail to:
City of Gold Coast
PO Box 5042
Gold Coast MC  Qld  9729

Fax to: 07 5581 6181

Email to:

A Council officer must verify receipt of goods or delivery of services to enable payment.

All services supplied to Council require evidence of the delivery of this work to be documented through work orders, time sheets and/or milestone reports. Payment cannot be made until the authorising officer has certified the satisfactory receipt of the service.

Purchase Order Processing

Orders are processed through an electronic procurement system and forwarded overnight to your nominated facsimile (fax) number. If you do not have a separate fax number, your order will be printed and posted.

Council does not currently have the facility to email purchase orders.

The value on the purchase order is GST exclusive. Council will pay the GST amount at the time of funds transfer.

For all GST enquiries, please contact Council's Accounting Services Branch:

Accounting Services Branch
Phone 07 5581 6438

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