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RTI Access Application Amendments

If the documents provided to you by Council, either through normal access or an Right to Information/ Information Privacy application, contains inaccurate, out of date, incomplete or misleading personal information, you may request to have the information amended.

In many cases this can be achieved informally, by contacting the relevant business unit of Council, responsible for the information and providing advice that the information is incorrect. For example, an incorrect address on a rates notice can be changed by notifying Financial Services of the correct details.

Alternatively, you can make a formal request to amend your personal information via a letter to Council's RTI/IP Decision-Maker.

You can also download and complete a Personal Information amendment application form provided by the Queensland Government Right to Information website and forward to Council's RTI/IP Decision-Maker.

RTI/IP Decision-Maker
Gold Coast City Council
PO Box 5042
Gold Coast MC 9726

or email

You will need to provide evidence of identity required with the application, or within 10 business days of making the application. Refer to the Evidence of Identity page for more information.

All applications must provide sufficient information to enable the identification of the relevant document containing the incorrect information.

Advice must also be provided on what information is incorrect, why it is incorrect and what changes need to be made to correct the information.

No application fee or processing charge is applicable when making an amendment application.

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