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City of Gold Coast provides a range of services and programs to support the development of one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.


City of Gold Coast (the City), in establishing contracts for the carrying out of works, goods, services or ICT, in accordance with Section 228 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, is required to accept the offer most advantageous to it, whilst also applying the City's local business and industry criteria. In making this decision, the City must have regard to the five sound contracting principles set out in Section 104(3) of the Local Government Act 2009.


There are currently no Tenders


Closing Date

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Maintenance and repair of automatic doors.


Closing Date

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Ocean-side Cruise Ship Terminal Feasibility Study


Closing Date

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Construction of gravity sewer diversions of sewerage pumping stations in Yatala


Closing Date

Friday, 2 September 2016

Land Slip Risk Remediation at Lions Head Park Miami


Closing Date

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

 Provision of arboricultural services


Closing Date

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Surveying Services


Closing Date

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Planning and Design Services for an Integrated Sports and Community Precinct at Pimpama.

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Expression of Interest (EOI)

There are currently no Expressions of Interests

Request for information (RFI)

There are currently no Requests for Information

Conditions of Offer

The City utilises the following conditions of offer for the various types of procurement.

Conditions of Offer (Version 11) - July 2016 (PDF 652kb)

Conditions of Offer (Version 10) - December 2015 (PDF 653kb)

Conditions of Offer (Version 9) - November 2015 (PDF kb)

Conditions of Offer (Version 8) - July 2015 (PDF 407kb)

Conditions of Offer (Version 7) - June 2015 (PDF 408kb)

Conditions of Offer - MSP - Contingent Labour (Version A01) - March 2015 (PDF 420kb)

Conditions of Offer (Version 1) - April 2014 (PDF 405kb)

Conditions of Contract

The City utilises the following general conditions of contract for the various types of procurement where specified in the invitation to offer.

Conditions of Contract for Consultancy Services (Version 1) July 2016 (PDF 177kb)

Conditions of Contract for the Provision of Goods and/or Services (Version 8) - July 2015 (PDF 487kb)

Conditions of Contract - MSP - Contingent Labour (Version A01) - March 2015 (PDF 483kb)

Conditions of Contract for the Provision of Goods and/or Services (Version 2) - August 2014 (PDF 469kb)

Conditions of Contract for Minor Works and Services (Version 1) - November 2015 (PDF 181kb)

Conditions of Contract for Minor Works and Services (Version 2) - May 2016 (PDF 182kb)

Conditions of Contract Provision of Goods and/or Services (Version 9) - November 2015 (PDF 728kb)

Special conditions of contract

The City utilises the following special conditions of contract for the various types of procurement where specified in the invitation to offer.

Special Conditions of Contract AS4122 - 2010 (Version 3) April 2016 (PDF 617kb)

Special Conditions of Contract - Operational Works (Version 3) - July 2015 (PDF 421kb)

Special Conditions of Contract AS2124 - 1992 (Version 1) - April 2014 (PDF 492kb)

Special Conditions of Contract AS2124 - 1992 (Version 2) - May 2015 (PDF 483kb)

Special Conditions of Contract AS4122 - 2010 (Version 2) - May 2015 (PDF 387kb)

Special Conditions of Contract NPWC3 - 1981 (Version 5) - July 2015 (PDF 398kb)

Special Conditions of Contract Operational Works (Version 4) - November 2015 (PDF 660kb)

Special Conditions of Contract AS2124-1992 (Version 3) - November 2015 (PDF 725kb)

Special Conditions of Contract NPWC3-1981 (Version 6 - November 2015 (PDF 642kb)

City policies and procedures

The City requires suppliers to comply with relevant policies and procedures as detailed in the tender documentation; these may include:

Sun protection procedure (PDF 107kb)

Principal controlled contract works insurance

Contractors Liability Insurance (PDF 1.8mb)

Contractors All Risks Insurance (PDF 1.77mb)

Insurance Claim Advice Form (PDF 53kb)

Evaluation of tenders

Details of the evaluation process and criteria will be documented in the tender documentation. Once specified, the evaluation criteria and process must be followed.

The tender documentation is generally constructed to enable offers to be submitted in two distinct and separate files:

  • No-pricing schedules (containing information to evaluate gates 1 and 2)
  • Pricing schedules (containing the information to evaluate gate 3).

The City follows a three gate evaluation process for the evaluation of tenders.

Gate 1: Mandatory criteria

These are formed, in terms of minimum specified requirements, to allow the evaluation team to filter out those submissions that do not conform to the mandatory requirements. Non-conforming offers (which don’t meet the mandatory criteria requirements) will not be further evaluated by the evaluation team as part of the evaluation process.

Gate 2: Scoring criteria

These are set to allow the evaluation team to assign a relative score out of 10 for each evaluated supplier offer, for each criterion set. Each scoring criterion also has a percentage weighting allocated to it to represent its relative importance and worth in the selection process. Scoring criteria focus on evaluating and determining whether the particular suppliers have the required capability to provide the required services, goods, ICT or works for the City. Only those offers who score sufficiently at this stage will move through to gate 3.

Gate 3: Value for money

Only those submissions who move through from gate 2 will then be looked at in order to determine the best value pricing submissions received, including any negotiations.

The Chief Procurement Officer may approve the utilisation of an alternate tender evaluation methodology for a specific procurement where it is considered advantageous to do so.

Supplier briefings

At the discretion of the Chief Procurement Officer, where it is believed to be advantageous to the success of the procurement initiative and included in the tender documentation, supplier briefings may be held as part of the tender process and will include all suppliers wishing to respond to a tender. The purpose of the supplier briefing is to present to potential suppliers information about the specifications, conditions of tendering and conditions of contracts and then provide the opportunity for attendees to ask further questions of clarification, which will be documented along with the responses and issued as an addendum, to the tender.

Changes to tenders

These will be done by way of on addendum. All addendum will be forwarded to all tenderers by way of LGTenderbox. Where appropriate, the tender period may be extended when an addendum is issued at the discretion of the Chief Procurement Officer. All queries should be addressed only to the Contact Officer listed within the tender documentation.

Action by the City after receiving tenders

After the close of the tender date, the City may without limitation to any other action open to it:

Request clarifications

If so requested by City, the tenderer must submit by the date and time specified information in clarification regarding their tender submission. Failure to provide the requested information may result in the tender being deemed non-conforming and it will not be evaluated further.

Request changes to tenders

Section 228(7) of the Local Government Regulation provides that the City may invite all tenderers who submitted a tender to change their tenders where there is a change in the tender. This is during the period of the close of tender but before any tender is recommended for acceptance. Should the change have resulted in alternative suppliers submitting an offer, consideration will be given to withdrawing the tender and readvertising. The Local Government Regulation require all changes to tenders under Section 228(7) be listed in the City's Annual Report.

Enter into post tender negotiations

The City may negotiate with suppliers after the close of tenders when it has expressly reserved the right in the conditions of the tender. All suppliers who proceed to gate 3 will be invited to enter into negotiations. The commencement of negotiations with one or more supplier is not an indication that a particular supplier's response has been unsuccessful or successful. All negotiations will be handled with the utmost probity and the equality of opportunity for the suppliers in gate 3 will be maintained throughout the negotiations.

As Constructed Data

The format required for As Constructed Data to be submitted to the City can be found via the As Constructed Data Standards and Guidelines page.

City Contracting Plan 2016-17

Effective 1 July 2016, the City of Gold Coast conducts all procurement and contracting activities in accordance with the Strategic Contracting Procedures (as defined in the Local Government Regulation 2012 Chapter 6, Part 2). The Strategic Contracting Procedures allows the City to take a strategic approach to procurement/contracting activities. This includes formulating a portfolio of procurement and contracting activities for the 2016-17 financial year.

City Contracting Plan for 2016-17

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