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Damian Leeding Memorial Park Foreshore Stabilisation Project

The City is providing foreshore stabilisation, erosion protection and improvements in aquatic habitat for 450 metres of the Coomera River foreshore of Damian Leeding Memorial Park in Oxenford. The City aims to commence the project in November 2017 and anticipates its completion by the end of February 2018, (weather permitting).

The Damian Leeding Memorial Park will remain open for the duration of the works and dog park access and footpath access will remain unaffected by the works.

Download: Damian Leeding Memorial Park Foreshore Stabilisation Project factsheet (PDF 271kb)

Project background

A foreshore erosion assessment was undertaken by the City to investigate the erosion at the Coomera River foreshore of Damian Leeding Memorial Park. The assessment found the cause of the foreshore erosion was linked to river bed erosion, which is undermining the bank leading to trees falling into the river. Boat wash causes further disturbance to the exposed banks.

The City will commence riverbank stabilisation works to protect the park from ongoing erosion and to reduce sediment being lost to the river environment.

Project method

The use of recycled hardwood tree logs with rootballs intact for riverbank stabilisation is a technique that is favoured by the State Government and will allow natural aquatic ecology to thrive within the Coomera River.

The logs to be used for this project have been obtained from tree clearings of a nearby development site that would have otherwise been converted to wood chip.

The hardwood logs will be secured to posts that are driven into the river bed, and will function as hydraulic disturbance structures to slow water velocity near the foreshore area. This will also aid the capture of sediment behind the logs, permanently embedding the logs into the riverbed. Altogether, this will help to resist riverbed erosion and will promote natural mangrove establishment.

Project impacts

The Damian Leeding Memorial Park will remain open for the full duration of the works as the contractor will be accessing the works site from Regatta Waters Park and undertaking all works from marine equipment located within the Coomera River.

The Project will potentially impact the community in the following ways:

  • Construction noise will occur, particularly during the installation (piling) phase for a period of up to eight weeks.
  • Relocation of the existing hardwood logs in Damian Leeding Memorial Park will occur over a one to two day period. Traffic control will be in place over this period to manage pedestrian and construction traffic.
  • A temporary speed reduction to six knots will be enforced adjacent to the project site in the Coomera River for the safety of workers operating in and around the heavy marine civil equipment within the river and foreshore environment. This speed reduction has been approved with Marine Safety Queensland (MSQ) and the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA).
  • The works will be conducted from Monday to Friday between 7am and 5pm, excluding public holidays. Under certain circumstances limited work will be considered on Saturday between 8am and 3pm where a minimum impact to the community can be demonstrated. All care will be taken to minimise disruption to the residents.
  • The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) will be undertaking site improvement works for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games (GC2018) Damian Leeding Park ‘n’ Ride. For further information about the TMR project please email

Project benefits

The benefits of stabilising the riverbank and foreshore of Damian Leeding Memorial Park include:

  • protection of the foreshore from further erosion impacts
  • increased public safety for those using the riverbank and foreshore for recreational activities
  • improved water quality in the Coomera River
  • re-establishment of a healthy and resilient mangrove and fish habitat.

Extent of works

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