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Dispose of unwanted chemicals with ChemClear

Get rid of your unwanted agricultural and vet chemicals safely with ChemClear.

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ChemClear - chemical disposal

ChemClear collection

ChemClear is an industry stewardship program which collects and disposes agvet chemical products from 99 manufacturers under a levy that is applied at the point of sale.

Non-participating manufacturers’ products, unlabelled containers, unregistered and mixed chemicals can also be collected through ChemClear for disposal under a fee per litre charge.

Nationally, over 500,000 litres of unwanted chemicals have been collected through the ChemClear program since inception. More than 17,000 litres of agvet chemicals have already been booked in for this year's Queensland collection.

City of Gold Coast has partnered with ChemClear since the introduction of the program in 2003. The last ChemClear Queensland collection was completed in June 2017. Collections occur approximately every two years.

You can register your chemicals with ChemClear for the next collection.

For all local enquiries, please call ChemClear Regional Consultant Colin Hoey on 0428 964 576.

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