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Water quality

We are committed to providing the highest quality of water at all times and have ongoing monitoring and management programs to ensure we consistently meet expectation.

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Choose Tap

The City of Gold Coast is helping customers to enjoy a healthy, environmentally friendly and low-cost community lifestyle through its Choose Tap program.

The Choose Tap message is simple: tap water is the best choice for your health, the environment and your hip pocket. Additionally, by reusing a personal water bottle, drinking tap water is a convenient alternative to purchasing bottled water.

The benefits of choosing tap

Our tap water is significantly cheaper, 649 times cheaper in fact, than the average plastic bottle of water (our average cost per litre is $0.0039, whereas the average bottle of water from supermarkets costs $2.53 per litre).

From an environmental perspective, results from a study completed by Healthy Land and Water in 2014-15, showed water bottles were among the three highest items of litter throughout our waterways.

Choose Tap also plays a valuable role supporting community sport, local festivals, education, parks and gardens, the health sector, the business sector and cafes and restaurants.

Water quality

Providing our customers and community with safe, reliable, high-quality drinking water is our priority. Our scientific staff conduct comprehensive water monitoring through regular sampling and testing to achieve this. The City’s water is among the highest quality and continues to meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011. For more information on our water quality and testing, visit the Water quality page.

Water refill points

Water refill stations are being installed in public spaces across the Gold Coast so adults and children have access to free drinking water where they need it most. Keep a look out at your favourite location for one of our hydration stations and make sure to bring you own water bottle to refill!

Fourteen permanent water refill points consisting of water bubblers and two bottle filling nozzles, have been installed at prominent Gold Coast locations to increase accessibility to tap water for public consumption. Be Smart, Choose Tap.

Completed installations are located at:

Download the Choose Tap brochure.

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