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Coomera Catchment Management Plans

Several catchment and waterway management plans, studies and on-ground projects have been developed for the catchment as listed below:

  • Environmental Inventory of the Coomera River Catchment and its Tributaries (WBM, 2003)
  • Coombabah Creek Environmental Inventory Management Plan (GHD, 2003)
  • Coombabah Creek Catchment Stormwater and Waterway Management Plan  (KBR, 2007)
  • Saltwater Creek Foreshore Master Plan (Griffith University & Belleng VDM, 2008)
  • Draft Saltwater Creek Stormwater Management Plan (BMT WBM, 2010)

Restoration projects

Saltwater Park Coir Log Trial

In 2010 Gold Coast City Council undertook the Saltwater Creek Coir Log Trial in response to the Saltwater Creek Foreshore Master Plan. The trial was undertaken in Saltwater Park, Helensvale road, Oyster Cove and involved battering the eroded banks, placing coir logs (made of coconut husks) in the toe for protection from wave action. The upper and lower bank was planted out with native plants suitable to the area. The intertidal area is undergoing mangrove restoration, which takes a minimum of five years.

The trial was supported by undergraduate students from Griffith University, who surveyed the success of several aspects of the project. The engineering students assisted in the design of the foreshore protection (coir log configuration) and the science students developed a survey to measure the increase in habitat for flora and fauna. Council sends annual reports to Queensland Fisheries describing the recovery of the mangrove habitat and integrity of the coir logs protecting the foreshore.

Little Clagiraba Reserve Rehabilitation Plan

The rehabilitation and revegetation of the riparian zone of Clagiraba Creek commenced in 2009 and is ongoing.  A site plan was developed by council’s Natural Areas Management Unit allowing several stakeholders to continue working on this project. Works include weeding, planting, mulching, watering and monitoring which is being carried out by stakeholders such as the Coomera River Catchment Group, students from local schools together with the Gold Coast Waterwatch team and council. The water quality and annual in-stream macro invertebrate surveys measure the overall ecosystem health, which will give us an indication of the success of the works over time.

Further information

For further information and advice contact the City on 1300 GOLDCOAST (1300 465 326) or 07 5582 8211.

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